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Liam Hemsworth was spotted with his new girlfriend.

Recently all the media thundered the news of the rupture of one of the most prominent couples in Hollywood, the 29-year-old Liam Hemsworth with 26-year-old Miley Cyrus. According to preliminary data, the actor has even managed to acquire a new darling, which maybe could be 22-year-old aspiring actress Maddison brown, says Gossip.

автомобили, которые чаще всего ищут в Google

Liam Hemsworth found a replacement for Miley Cyrus
It was with this girl on a date were seen Liam in a few days when they walked on the streets of new York. It is clarified that the young people all the time held tightly to the hands. So, they visited the cafe which took a table outside and sweet he was talking, constantly exchanging smiles and enjoying lunch.

Now Liam and his representatives prefer not to comment on rumors of a romance with Madison. Meanwhile, not so long ago, insiders claimed that Hemsworth is absolutely free, and ready for a new relationship.

автомобили, которые чаще всего ищут в Google

Cute couple formed
By the way, Maddison brown is a native of Australia. Quite a lot of time devoted to modeling, but eventually came to the conclusion that it is time to move on. In this regard, actively began to try to develop his acting career.

Thus, there have been several movies with her participation. Among the most important works in her filmography was a film “Foreign country” (Strangerland), where she played with Nicole Kidman. Now Maddison starred in the TV series “Dynasty” (Dynasty).

Recall that Miley Cyrus got caught with a man. Looks like she’s back on the men went over. Stars and used to spend time together, but claimed that they are connected only friendship.

Previously, the portal wrote that Miley Cyrus has turned into a witch. But with a very deep neckline. The celebrity chose an unusual way.

Also been reports that Miley Cyrus, after her divorce from her husband, broke up with his girlfriend.

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