The case Gallese demonstrates a “serious problem” follow-up

Le cas Gallese démontre un «grave problème de suivi»

The case of the murderer Eustachio Gallese illustrates unequivocally the shortcomings of the system in the monitoring of offenders on day parole or on parole, say mp Pierre Paul-Hus and an ex-commissioner.

“We have a serious problem of follow-up, slice without hesitation, the conservative mp. It is a mess in there. As we know since a long time, but this folder here has all done out of a sudden. “

Pierre Paul-Hus was reacting to a press release sent Monday by the Syndicat des employé-e-s Safety and Justice (SESJ), who claimed to have “reasonable grounds” to believe that Gallese was not the only offender on parole to have visited massage parlors in the past.

Moreover, the Union argued that the correctional Service of Canada (CSC) was aware of this strategy.

This information has not been refuted by the CSC. At the end of Tuesday, the agency said he is “concerned” by the allegations and says he does not support ” the solicitation of sexual services by offenders, without, however, specifying whether he was aware or not of this practice.

According to the Union, the strategy would have been removed in September 2019, after the parole Board of Canada (PBC) has expressed its concern to this effect. However, Gallese would have continued frequenting massage parlours.

The Newspaper also revealed that the accused and his alleged victim Marylène Levesque, who worked in the sex industry, had consumed alcohol together at least two occasions, whereas this was forbidden to him.

It is during the second encounter, the 22-year old woman was murdered.

The ex-commissioner of parole Dave Blackburn hardly understand how the offender, 51-year-old was able to enjoy such freedom of movement.

“He’s doing what he wants this guy ! It’s going to take a small glass at the bar. After that, it’s going to dinner. Well, come on ! ” plague Mr. Blackburn.

Lack of firmness

The two men were also against the lack of firmness of the PBC, which only ask for a “reconsideration of the grid analysis” that led to the adoption of the strategy, without developing a real directive to this effect. “Nowhere, it is written : it is forbidden,” explains Pierre Paul-Hus.

In an interview with The Newspaper, the PBC confirms that it has learned that in September 2019, the existence of the “strategy” allowing Gallese to satisfy her sexual needs.

The regional manager, however, refuses to confirm that it was to the knowledge of the organization that this strategy included the use of massage parlors.

The union did not return calls from the Journal.


“Even if it is true, even if it did not have the right [to go to massage parlors], he has done the same ! It means that the supervision in the community, it is poor, it is poor. “

— Dave Blackburn, ex-commissioner

“People are going to have to be accountable. It may not always end by saying : we shall not recommence more. “

— Pierre Paul-Hus, a conservative mp


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