The case of Alexander Efremov is a joke

Under normal justice it would close five years ago

Дело Александра Ефремова - это ситуация курам на смех

“The court closed the criminal proceedings on charges Yefremov, Alexander Stoyan and Sergei Gordienko in promoting the adoption of “dictatorial laws” on the sixteenth of January 2014″, – have informed yesterday, our valiant media.

“Oh really? Five years have passed!”, – I responded. But the fact that the offenses of these in 2014, the year was decriminalized law, adopted in the framework of the action plan required to obtain a visa-free regime with the EU.

The Constitution, meanwhile, provides only one case in which the law is retroactive. And we are talking about the cancellation or mitigation of responsibility. For anybody is not a secret and not news even. Neither for lawyers nor for the inhabitants.

For anyone other than prosecutors and investigators of the GPU. Five years, these amazing people had pretended not to know know, know not manage. If all these years they were not even aware of the fact that crimes in which prosecute such a long time really are not.

In any country where the law still means anything, the Prosecutor learned about the decriminalization of the offense would close the proceedings. We have not only the suspect was charged, but the indictment has managed to give the court.

Incompetent? Hardly! Amateurs and incompetents, unfortunately, the Prosecutor’s office enough, but very very crazy city, there still do not accept. But make-belief – as they want. Those who are able over the years to simulate the lack of knowledge and understanding in order to be subjected to unwanted harassment and prosecution. Four years in the status of the suspect/accused is, I tell you, not a sanatorium on the coast.

So they lived. Prosecutors have faked an investigation, the investigative judge the measure of restraint was extended and gave permission for the detention of suspects, and the latter lost health and nerve cells.

But the most interesting is yet ahead! The production closed only for the above-mentioned deputies. Another twelve defendants in the “investigation” continues. What we rejoice in is the official website of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

However, the function of the investigation the Prosecutor’s office finally took a case of these transferred to the State Bureau of investigation. I hope GBR will not be people laugh and just close them. And then it would be good to open, but for the investigators and prosecutors who started the whole story and dragged it to court.

Maxim Mogil’nitskii
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