The cat ran across the road — your Savior

Experts believe that the cat running across the road man, not to bring misfortune, and Vice versa – trying to save you from any mishaps and losses.

Кіт, що перебіг дорогу — ваш рятівник

Experts believe that the cat running across the road man, not to bear the misfortune, but rather are trying to protect against some failures and losses, informs Rus.Media.

This was stated by the expert of Feng Shui.

Professionals Feng-Shui claim that cats are able to cure disease and relieve pain. By the way, it is believed by many who keep house cats. According to them, is just sick (to strike the foot, to break the back, to injure the hand, and so on) as the domestic cat or the cat just sits near the patient, or him, or trying to snuggle next to the injured extremity and Thus, they try to alleviate the condition of his master. By the way, an important detail – the cats always choose the family of the chief (not necessarily the head of the family), but recognize it is not master and friend.

Connoisseurs of Feng Shui and sages believe that cats are trying to help people, even strangers, and absolutely not agree with the superstitions about a black cat and other similar. On the contrary, they advise that if a black cat crossed the road, safely, with her head held high to continue the path on this day nothing wrong with you will not happen. It is believed that furries feel who need help crossing the road and the man to his appearance to “cut” the path, but not to him but to some negativity.

“Gray cat that ran across the road means that you have saved from losing any thing, variegated – from losing money, white – from death and black – from other people’s malice. But if the cat ran across yours and it is noted, the route is better to change a little – means that the cat could not or did not have time something to protect, but thus warned of trouble,” – said the expert.