The causes of crooked teeth in children: how to fix, prevention

Beautiful straight teeth add to a man charm. What prevents the teeth to properly grow, it is much easier to correct in childhood.

Причини появи кривих зубів у дітей: як виправити, профілактика

The causes of crooked teeth

Teeth can be crooked for a variety of reasons: genetic predisposition, early loss of milk teeth, artificial feeding. There are some cases, such as long nipples sucking, bad habits (sucking, biting fingers) and even problems with the cervical spine, reports Rus.Media.

The nipple is harmful?

Nipple necessary: it calms and relaxes the baby. But if you give him a pacifier after 2 years, keep in mind that the likelihood of malocclusions, speech problems increases. Of course, babies have a natural need to suck. And kids to overcome difficult. But mom, we must remember that the less a child will use a pacifier, the better.

How to prevent the growth of crooked teeth?

To prevent the growth of crooked teeth, it is important to regularly visit a pediatric dentist and to prevent the emergence of bad habits, and in a timely manner to eliminate the causes of obstructed nasal breathing. Beginning with eruption of first temporary (milk) teeth, the child should eat healthy food. For proper formation of teeth, it is important to eat foods high in calcium – cheese, cottage cheese, milk, yogurt and other dairy products.

By the way, the age from 6 till 12 years – a very important period. Which teeth formed at this time, so they will be life. Therefore, the diet student must be a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits.

The signal for going to the orthodontist

In 2-3 years when milk teeth are of a child can bring to your initial consultation to the doctor (dentist and orthodontist) looked like he’s developing teeth. At this age have a meeting of malocclusion. It is important to know that problems with milk occlusion reinforced when permanent teeth erupt, so to start orthodontic treatment better immediately after the detection of the anomaly. If you have any doubt that teeth are growing properly, think of it as a signal for treatment to the orthodontist. And don’t forget about regular planned inspections in order to identify and eliminate the factors that lead to occlusion.

What age is it possible to put braces?

On baby teeth the part the braces are not glued, except in rare cases, sometimes, for certain indications, after the eruption of incisors, that is, after six and a half years, the doctor recommends braces. Braces taken place since the age of 12 – until the moment when all molars have formed. And for kids there are other devices for the alignment of the teeth, more gentle – removable orthodontic appliances. Now have a large selection of standard machines, but also individually manufactured.

Which pasta to choose?

Today there are various options: with the addition of calcium, fluoride, supplements, etc. the Pasta need to choose depending on the age of the child, the state of his teeth and gums. Pre-school children recommended toothpaste with calcium fluoride. Students can choose a paste based on soluble salts of fluoride for caries prevention.

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