The celebrities struggle to find the right tone in the face of the pandemic

Les célébrités peinent à trouver le ton juste face à la pandémie

With millions of people confined to around the world, celebrities are many to want to cheer them up, stressing in particular the virtues of unifying of the pandemic via social networks.

But their call to solidarity, sometimes with a backdrop of villas of dream, can fall to the side of the plate.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has criticized the students going on holiday from his jacuzzi with a cigar to his lips, and stars taken by Gal Gadot have been the laughing stock of the internet for singing “Imagine ” by John Lennon, seeming to reveal sometimes luxurious residences.

The latest effort in the date started on Friday, when stars such as Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, or former president George W. Bush have launched a livestream of the 24-hour “Call to unite ” (” the Appeal unit “), in order to encourage donations to fight against the pandemic.

“If only they knew of people who have the money,” responded ironically on Twitter, the journalist of the New York Times Astead Herndon.

And yet, these virtual events, the few distractions in a world that is in lack of entertainment, make the hearing: more than 270 million people in the world have followed the recent marathon in tribute to the nursing staff and the ” essential workers “, hosted by stars like the Rolling Stones and Taylor Swift, each from their home.

If the messages of celebrities can sometimes turn off as much as fascinate, the attention is there, “which says more about our culture on celebrities,” said Cheryl Thompson, a professor at Ryerson university in Toronto.

“We do admit not always,” she said, ” but in some way they serve us a little marker to know what one should think or feel.”


It cites the example of Tom Hanks, who announced in mid-march, since Australia have contracted the virus, contributing to the understanding of the severity of the epidemic.

Jenna Anderson, 30 years old, confined with her family in Houston (Texas), said to have with the actor twice oscar winner (” a national treasure “, she said) became aware of the disease.

But if she says that she found useful the description of symptoms by certain celebrities, “most of the things that really impressed me are negative, showing that celebrities are a little disconnected” from reality.

The presenter Ellen DeGeneres, for example, has been highly criticized on the social networks to have said, jokingly, that being in quarantine in his luxurious californian villa was ” like being in jail “.

A lot of celebrities ” seem to really try to stay present in the minds of the people in a way that seems to me to be superfluous “, says Jenna Anderson.

Even if their presence on the screens can seem to be exacerbated by the confinement, celebrities have always served to “distract us in difficult times,” emphasizes Cheryl Thompson, recalling the Hollywood stars enlisted by the u.s. government to lift the morale of the troops during the Second world War.

Celebrities use their money to make donations, such as Rihanna who has given of medical equipment in the State of New York and at least $ 5 million to NGOS, or Beyoncé, who has given $ 6 million. The star of country music, Dolly Parton, using it to fund research into a vaccine at Vanderbilt university, in Tennessee.

Beyond the money, the entertainment can also calm the tensions, and Mrs. Thompson is expected that the current anxiety serve as inspiration to artists in the years to come.

Hard times “will always accompany artistic creations amazing,” she said.

In the meantime, many artists are trying to entertain the masses by sometimes giving in to the absurd.

Britney Spears has told how she had ” put the fire to its room sports “, no one was injured. The star of the series “Mad Men, “January Jones has taken on the role of the madwoman of the quarantine, and the actor from” Jurassic Park ” Sam Neill publishes videos to the humor in which he lent his voice to a garden gnome giving advice on the containment.

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