The Central Bank of Estonia was the last gold bar

В Центробанке Эстонии остался последний слиток золота

The Central Bank of Estonia has only a single ingot of gold. The last brick of gold weighs 11 pounds and is estimated at about half a million euros, according to Sputnik with reference to the head of Department of the financial markets regulator Fabio Filipozzi.

However, as it turned out, the purity of the ingot is insufficient for implementation in the financial markets. It can be safely called “a Museum piece”.

It is noted that the gold reserves of the country is only 256 pounds. It is stored in foreign banks “security reasons”. According to Fabio Filipozzi, modest gold reserves of the country is associated with the fact that after secession from the Soviet Republic sold part of the precious metal to invest in stocks and bonds.

According to Trading Economics, Estonia is on the penultimate place in gold reserves among European countries. Republic in this issue is second only to Malta with her 90 pounds.

The stock of precious metals in Latvia is 6.6 tons, Lithuania – 5.8 tons.

Earlier it was reported that Russia has become a world leader in the purchase of gold. In early 2019, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation purchased 55,3 tonnes of gold, increasing the amount of its reserves to 2168,3 tons.