The ceremony of awarding “Emmy” will be without leading

Церемония вручение премии «Эмми» пройдет без ведущего

The ceremony of the “Emmy” for the first time since 2003 there will be unpadded. This decision was made by the organizers of the prize, writes portal

It is noted that the organizer of the event, the Fox and the prize Committee still do not lose hope to find a decent host, however, due to the close timing of the ceremony preparation for the event without leading.

As expected, the Academy of television arts and Sciences will be named the winners on September 22 in Los Angeles.

Experts predict that the major Emmy awards this year will get the TV series “Game of thrones”, “the big Bang Theory” and “broad city.”

We add that the Committee of “Oscar” this year also held a ceremony without leading.

The Emmy is the most prestigious television award, the analogue of “Oscar” in the cinema. The prize is awarded to selected projects received high ratings and the love of the audience. The award was established in 1949. First Emmy awarded only Los Angeles, but by 1950 he acquired a national status. The prize is a statuette of a winged woman holding on his outstretched hands model of the atom. Over the years, the owners of “Amy” became the series “the Abbey Downton”, “Desperate Housewives”, “Scandal” and many others.