The channel format is stalling

Anatoly Wasserman – about the outcome of the summit in Paris.

Нормандский формат буксует

Photo: © kremlin9 December in Paris hosted the summit in “channel format”. As expected, no surprises and breakthroughs. Zelensky tried to charm. Proposed to introduce in the Donbass Maidan militants under the guise of peacekeepers. Wanted to close the borders of the people’s republics with the Russian Federation. But it didn’t work neither to charm nor to enter nor to close.

At a press conference following the meeting, the President of Ukraine has proved that neither one on one conversation with the head of government of Germany, presidents of France and the Russian Federation, nor the meeting the four of us had not changed its position. He still does not accept the federalization of the Republic, special laws for the people’s republics of Donbass — in short, everything provided by the agreements signed in Minsk on the fifth of September 2014 and 12 February 2015.

Openly understand everyone it’s a shame to admit defeat. Kiev terrorists was signed in Minsk on their surrender is not a good life, but for saving at least part of their warriors treading the emergency boiler rental under the transfer and under Debalcevo. It is clear at rallies in Kiev they are under the threat of a new rebellion forbade the legitimate President to fulfill at least something of what they themselves have promised.

But Zelensky resigned themselves to their bespredelnoe not only because the Ministry of internal Affairs is headed by Avakov is one of the leaders of the Maidan, enlisted in the staff of the internal troops, now called the national guard, the lion’s share of the Maidan fighters. What is important is that the vast majority of citizens of Ukraine — Russians and be considered an independent head of an independent state can only be acting against the interests of this majority. First of all, against the natural desire to preserve the native language, native culture, to unite with the rest of Russia.

So everything was agreed, — meeting in four months. Whether Zelensky cope finally, at least with dangerous terrorists like the same driver that already looks incredible, whether simply stalling for time, which is beneficial to the current ukropolitikami. Turns out one tenth of the presidential term he has already served, not doing anything useful. Most likely, and the remaining nine-tenths will make it to no avail.

Anatoly Wasserman
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