The charity 60% of Ukrainians – study

Благотворительностью занимаются 60% украинцев, - исследование

Over the past year, 60% of Ukrainians helped other people financially or intangible. These are the results of sociological research “Charity through the eyes of Ukrainians” conducted by the Ukrainian center of studying of public opinion “Socioinform” commissioned Zagoriy Foundation.

“Despite the extinction intensity through military and displaced persons from Crimea and Donbas, charity remains in the trend,” the authors of the study.

The most popular ways of helping others was donations – they did 88% of those who acted as a benefactor. In second place – free transfer of food, clothing, medicines and other equipment (41%).

“Manifest understanding of the Ukrainians charity, most often assistance with money, clothes, food. Only one in ten said that helped the service or work. But keep in mind: people do not always interpret such help as charity,” explain sociologists in the report.

The authors also reported that 61% of respondents believe the charity is a necessity and its importance understand 90% of respondents.

If the assessment of the importance of philanthropy in Ukraine is 8.5 out of 10, the estimate of its prevalence in the country is only 4.8, and the evaluation of the chances of getting help in case of requirement to 3.8.

“Charity should become instinct like the instinct of self-preservation. After all, helping one’s neighbor really depends on the self-preservation of the civilized world,” – said the head of the Council Zagoriy Foundation Ekaterina zagori.

She recalls that a truly massive nature of the charity in Ukraine was in 2014, when Ukrainians not only came together around the idea of helping the army and settlers, and quickly established an organizational structure for such assistance.

“The next point for enterprises should be the project “sedri Butorac”, which is part of a global movement Giving Tuesday and this year will be held on 3 December. Every Ukrainian will have the opportunity to join the trend, fashionable, modern, international project. Hope this will attract to the charity of those who were not previously interested in it,” says Katherine of zagori.

Ukraine joined the Giving Tuesday movement in 2018 and became 154 countries participating in it. The initiators of the “Generous vvork” made funds Zagoriy Foundation “Tabletochki” and “Club Dobrow”, and the Ukrainian philanthropists forum. “Sedri Butorac” was recognized as the most successful launch of a local project of the international Giving Tuesday movement in 2018. The movement gathers annually to charity about $ 100 million worldwide.

Zagoriy Foundation founded in 2015 by a family of businessmen and philanthropists of zagori who are co-owners of a pharmaceutical company “Darnitsa”. The Foundation is working in three main areas: culture, education, culture, charity, art.

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