The cheerleaders of the Alouettes in support of the seniors

Les cheerleaders des Alouettes en soutien aux aînés

MONTREAL – Touched by the plight of elders since the beginning of the health crisis, the cheerleaders of the Alouettes de Montréal are gone to encourage the residents of the center over Water, on Wednesday afternoon, in Montreal-North. A particularly moving moment for Nadine Morel, which occurred in front of his grand-father.

Between two choreographies of dance, Nadine Morel has been able to communicate through a wide window, with his grand-father, Marcel, 88 years of age, who is confined in the residence of the rue Gouin Is. No cases of COVID-19 has been posted up here in this establishment.

“He’s fine, he takes it, and we are very proud of him. As a family, it alternates to come to bring him his groceries, and food. Today, I brought him photos of my little boy of seven months, which has continued to grow since the last time he saw him. I’ve also taken the spaghetti sauce,” said the young mother, with tears in her eyes.

This show, the first of three scheduled for this week for seniors ‘ residences, was also something special for Claudia Miller. “My aunt Lucy and my uncle Peter living here. I am really happy to be able to see, it was welcomed on the 15th floor. It was a touching moment and emotional. They are going well, but there are days more difficult. Today, I think that it was good.”

The preparation continues

Despite the confinement and the uncertainty regarding the season in the canadian football League, the cheerleaders of the Alouettes continue to diligently on their preparation.

“We continue as if there was a season. It is a meeting per week on Zoom. There is a part of most physical where you get to learn the choreography. Then, we made a meeting to find ways to have an impact in the community in the current context,” said Claudia Miller.

“Usually, you go a lot in schools and hospitals, said Nadine Morel. We realize how much we love it and that it made a difference. We try to bring the positive in a situation in which one is not accustomed, and which may become our daily lives. We’re going to have to live differently and find other ways to get involved in the community.”

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