The chemin du Roy “too” popular in Saint-Augustin-time of a pandemic

Le chemin du Roy «trop» populaire à Saint-Augustin en temps de pandémie

The City of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures prohibit now the parking lot on the quasi-totality of the chemin du Roy which follows the St. Lawrence river, considered to be too busy or “dangerous” since the return of good weather.

Many walkers, cyclists and motorists have taken the habit to go there, in this period of a pandemic, to take advantage of this artery bucolic.

Too, according to the mayor Sylvain Juneau and the other elected members of the municipal council which passed a resolution Tuesday night to tighten the screw on motorists who park their car, safety issue.

“There are a lot of people who will park there and bring their bike on their car. It is very likely that there is a lot of people from outside of Saint-Augustin and then I understand, it is a beautiful place, I have nothing against people of other cities, but at a given moment, it has to be safe,” observes Mr. Juneau in an interview.

“Hundreds” of cars parked

Too much sudden popularity of the chemin du Roy, the often narrow, has been short of residents who have complained to the municipal authorities. “It’s been 5 years that I’m here at the town hall and I’ve never had any complaints but this year, we had so much and there really is a problem”, confirms the mayor.

“My people are went to see and also told me that it did not make sense. If there is a gap, you’re parked almost in the street, and if there isn’t, you’re parked on the lawn of an owner. In both cases, it is not obvious. We’re not talking about 7-8 or 32 cars on the chemin du Roy. In peak periods, we speak of hundreds of cars.”

Boundary streets include

The parking lot will be prohibited until further order and the another of the king’s road between its western end (at the junction with route 138) and the way Girard and then on the section located between rue Moisan and the coast to Gagnon. Motorists may not park on the street Moisan or the way Michel-Quézel. Of prohibition signs will be installed shortly.

Those who want to park in the sector will be able to do, among other things, the park of the Hauts-Fonds, suggests the mayor.

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