The chief called the house officer, who came out to work, but picked up a child. Here’s what happened…

Начальник позвонил домой сотруднику, который не вышел на работу, но трубку взял ребенок. Вот что из этого вышло…

The chief could not understand why one of his most valued employees had not come to work and didn’t even call to warn about the absence.

But there are serious problems with the main computer, so he dialed the employee’s home phone. Replied the child. He whispered:

— Hello!

Hey! Is your daddy home? – asked the chief.

“Yes,” said the boy quietly.

— I can talk to him?

— No.

The surprised man asked:

— Is your mom home?


And with her I can talk to?

A quiet voice whispered,

— No.

Hoping that there is someone else from adults, through whom to send a message, the boss asked:

— Home anyone else?

— Is. COP.

Wanting to know that COP doing in the house officer, the chief asked:

— May I speak with the policeman?

— No, he’s busy.

— What are you doing?

— He’s talking to her mom, dad and a firefighter.

Then the man heard a very loud background noise.

— What’s that noise?

— Helicopter, — quietly said the boy.

— What is happening there? demanded the boss, starting to seriously worry.

— The search team just landed the helicopter.

Alarmed and a little confused, the chief asked:

What are they looking for?

A child’s voice with a stifled chuckle says:

— ME!

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