“The children no longer have life,” says a pediatrician

«Les enfants n’ont plus de vie», dit un pédiatre

Even if the government and the health authorities advocate a déconfinement gradual, many parents do not have the intention to send their children back to school as soon as they reopen.

The Association of pediatricians of Quebec announced Thursday that it was in favour of a return to the school soon.

“Children tolerate very well the disease, the complications are extremely rare and deaths even more rare. The children are six to eight viral infections per year, the COVID for them, it is pretty much the same thing,” said Dr. Marc Lebel, president of the Association of pediatricians of Quebec.

He explains that the confinement was for the purpose of protecting the elders, but that he must now resume a more normal pace.

“The children have more life, it is important that they begin to live. Live for a child is go outside, play, be with other children,” said the doctor.

The association considers that the risks of a back-to-school are less important than those of a continued confinement.

“Times are hard for the parents. We don’t want this are the children who bear the brunt of it,” he said.

The pediatrician believes that the back-to-school must be the next step for the families.

“Things are changing. Six weeks ago, the important thing was to flatten the curve. The children, it is important that they can repeat their usual life. In September, there is the return of the virus usual, we are just going to be picking up with more problems”, he said.

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