The child’s health in winter: how to save?

For walking children not over illness or injury, you should follow a few simple guidelines.

Здоров&#039я дитини взимку: як його зберегти?

If the majority of adults in this period of the year wants to be on a Sunny beach, the children are ready to spend days playing in the snow, sledding, skiing, skating or building snowmen. Here are a few tips to make the cold season a healthy and safe for children.

Properly wear your baby
Warm and comfortable clothing, as well as the principle of its layering are important. Putting some things on top of others, should bear in mind that it is better to start with wool. This will help reduce humidity. If your child starts to sweat, remove a piece of clothing, so it will remain dry. Wet clothes can lead to hypothermia or frostbite, informs Rus.Media.

Keep contact with the cold to a minimum
Infants and young children are more vulnerable to freezing temperatures than adults. Small areas of the body such as hands, feet and ears must be protected to avoid frostbite.
Signs of frostbite include tingling, numbness or itching of the skin. Her red, white, bluish-white or grayish-yellow color, rough or waxy appearance are also alarms. In addition, may deteriorate the mobility of the body through the numbness of the muscles and joints.

Care for baby skin
After bathing and before bed you should apply a moisturizer to the skin of the face, lips, hands and feet of your child.

Immunized and practice good hygiene
Although many people think that they can catch a cold from the cold, actually below freezing dangerous because it can slow down the body’s ability to fight viral infection. Holiday gatherings usually are the ideal place for the spread of the virus. Encourage your child to frequently wash hands and cover mouth when she coughs or sneezes. It is important to remember about vaccination.

Stick to the winter diet
To enhance the protective functions of the body, include in the diet of the child all the necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Foods rich in vitamin C, such as citrus, greens is a great way to maintain a healthy immune system.

Drink more water
Dehydration you can become more susceptible to colds or the flu. Make sure your child drinks enough water throughout the day, especially before games.

Encourage physical activity
Do not give in winter sleepiness and exercise regularly. Skating, snowboarding, skiing or sledding, elevates mood and improves health.

Remind your child about safety rules
Make sure that your child maintains a safe distance from vehicles during the winter games, or riding on something. Around should not be obstacles such as trees or fences. To prevent injury, you should sit on the sled as it should be, and not to go head first. When doing more serious sports it makes sense to wear a helmet.