The China great financial power

La Chine grande puissance financière

China dethroned the U.s. by becoming the first player economic. It is now the example to follow in the world.

Donald Trump’s repeated everywhere that the United States are the first economic power in the world, and China is second. This is false.

It is China who is the first economic power in the world. And the gap increases year by year in its favour. This new power is changing the world.

It is necessary to calculate importance of China in purchasing power parity. It is stated in the CIA itself.

In purchasing power parity, the annual GDP of China is about 28 000 billion, or nearly 20 % of the economy of the planet. The United States ranks second, with approximately 21 000 billion.

It between and it comes out

China is also the first exporting country in the world. It exports each year for 2500 billion. The United States is second, with exports of 1600 billion.

Contrary to what one might believe, China is also a major importing country. It receives from abroad to 2100 billion of products, which makes it the second largest market in the world, just behind the United States, with imports of about 2,400 billion.

Great investor

The global investment of China amounted to more than 3000 billion.

They invest mainly in Europe (396 G$), in sub-saharan Africa (306 G$) and Western Asia (294 G$). Canada is the fifth country that receives the most chinese investment ($56b), behind the United States, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Brazil. China mainly invests in infrastructure, transport, mining, agriculture and enterprises of high technology and finance.

Incalculable consequences

Thanks to its new economic power, China is becoming the example to follow for many countries. The United States, on the contrary, are seen more and more as a counter-example.

If China continues on its launched, its currency will supplant the us dollar as the reference currency. With catastrophic results on the United States, which not be able to pay their debt too easily or to resist too easily to global crises.

Between traditional medicine and western medicine

The system of chinese health is based on traditional chinese medicine and western medicine. It is a mixture of private system and public system.

Its quality varies greatly depending on the locations. The Chinese who live in large modern cities generally receive better care than those who live in less developed regions.

In China, traditional medicine is used to overcome the lack of staff in western medicine. Although it is capable of diagnosing diseases, medicines and traditional medicine uses, which are largely based on belief rather than on scientific bases. The chinese physicians trained in western medicine often have the greatest contempt.

But traditional chinese medicine is also very cheap compared to western medicine.

It is also available everywhere. It is mainly supported by the chinese government, which benefits from the economic activity that it generates.

The great risk

But this medicine is not without danger. For example, the traditional chinese medicines, which include bats dried to combat asthma. The scales of the pangolin, a mammal, are thought to relieve many ailments, including arthritis, liver disease, and problems of menstruation !

These medicines are not only of questionable effectiveness, but in addition, they lead to the hunting of wild animals across the planet. They increase the risk of transmission of microbes from animals to humans. For the past year, products based on scales of pangolin are no longer covered by insurance chinese, because of the danger of extinction of the species.

The Chinese are virtually all protected by a basic health insurance that covers up to 80 % of health care costs. The rest must be paid for by private insurance or by the pocket of the patients.

Variable costs

However, the medical costs are not the same from one region to the other. For example, the provision of care in a large hospital of Shanghai are much more expensive than those of a hospital in a region. The care provided in large cities also have the reputation of being better than elsewhere. This is why the Chinese who can afford it prefer to visit the larger centres for treatment.

And emergency services in china are able to rapidly deploy resources impressive when a region is affected by a natural disaster, such as during the pandemic COVID-19.

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