The Chinese created solar panels that can run from the energy of rain

Scientists from China have developed a solar battery that can work not just in Sunny weather. Using the built-in electrode panels collect the energy of falling rain drops.

Китайцы создали солнечные панели, которые могут работать от энергии дождя

Currently, a number of innovators are focusing their attention on how to make solar panels multi-purpose. Earlier, a team of researchers from Qingdao Oceanographic Institute, focusing on improving solar panels, used graphene for energy production from rainwater. Rain water contains salt, and graphene solar can attract the positive ions of the salt. In this process, the formed two layer of ions — the positive layer and negative layer, and the energy that is created under the influence of rain may be retained between these two layers of ions.

Scientists have discovered that the efficiency of solar electronics when using the covering of graphene is increased by 6.53 %. That’s enough to generate hundreds of microvolts of electricity.

The idea of his colleagues developed, scientists from the University of Suzhou in China. They have developed an electrode that collects the energy of rain drops. Thus the improved solar panels can produce electricity even at night during bad weather. This is due to the triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG). TENG converts mechanical energy into electricity.

The researchers say that the creation of a prototype need three to five years. If the hybrid battery will be able to find the consumer, the cost of the device and the produced energy will not be as high.

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