The Chinese foreign Ministry summoned the Ambassador of the United States due to the adoption of Washington’s law on Hong Kong

МИД КНР вызвал посла США из-за принятия Вашингтоном закона по Гонконгу

© Ministry of foreign Affairs of the PRC.Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of China Le Yucheng. Archival photoDeputy Minister of foreign Affairs of China Le Yucheng on Thursday summoned the US Ambassador in China Terry Branstad, to protest and to make a submission in connection with the adoption of the US law on “Protection of human rights and democracy in Hong Kong”, reads the statement of the foreign Ministry of China.Earlier, the President of the United States Donald trump signed two laws relating to Hong Kong “On the protection of human rights and democracy in Hong Kong” and ban the supply in the special administrative region of certain police equipment. Documents adjust the law on US policy in respect of Hong Kong from 1992 and assume an annual review of trade relations with Hong Kong depending on the degree of autonomy, as well as sanctions against individuals Washington deems responsible for the violation of human rights in the administrative district.”The United States adopted the so-called law “On the protection of human rights and democracy in Hong Kong”, this is a serious interference in the Affairs of Hong Kong in the internal Affairs of China, this move seriously violates international law and basic principles of international relations. This is pure hegemonic behavior, the Chinese government and people in relation to this expressed extreme dissatisfaction and resolute opposition,” – said the Deputy Minister.He stressed that “Hong Kong Affairs are purely an internal affair of China and no foreign government or external forces have no right to interfere in them.”The Chinese side urged the U.S. to correct erroneous actions and change course, to stop interfering in the internal Affairs of China, including the case of Hong Kong, “in order not to damage relations and cooperation between the two countries in important areas”.
He added that China’s determination to protect the interests of state sovereignty, national security and development remains steadfast, and determination to implement a policy of “one country, two systems” and to resist interference by any external forces in the Affairs of Hong Kong unchanged.Mass protests provoked by the consideration of the bill on extradition, held in Hong Kong from the beginning of June, after the largest protests Hong Kong authorities have made concessions, and in early October the draft law was completely revoked. However, the protests have not stopped, they have become few, but more violent.During this time, the police detained about 5,800 people, the charges on various articles from committing acts of vandalism to attacks on police officers charged with 932 participants of the protests. In six months of protests have hit at least 2.6 thousand people, including 470 police officers. 19 times the police used firearms to disperse protests, in three cases, the demonstrators were injured, all of them have already been discharged from hospitals. The most frequently used tool for the suppression of the protests in Hong Kong were tear gas, it is from the beginning of June was used more than 10 thousand times.In recent weeks in Hong Kong re-intensified clashes, protesters changed tactics, began to occupy the University campuses, to block the tunnels and streets, for security reasons, some schools early completed academic semesters, some have moved to online learning, many students who came to Hong Kong from cities in mainland China, against the background of aggravation of the situation temporarily returned home.

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