The Chinese media spoke about the “pursuit” of the American F-35 for the Tu-160

Китайские СМИ рассказали о "погоне" американских F-35 за Ту-160

© RIA Novosti / Maxim TumanovRussian supersonic strategic bomber Tu-160 was able to leave accompanied by two American fighters F-35A, according to Chinese publication Sina.According to the Agency, the incident occurred on 3 November. Bomber conducted a routine flight in international airspace over the sea of Japan, when American fighters took it on support.At this point, the Tu-160 turned the engine in afterburner mode and pulled away from the F-35A. Fighters not had time to react to the maneuver and lost sight of the bomber.Tu-160 is the heaviest combat aircraft in the world. The bomber is capable of speeds up to 2,200 kilometers per hour and stay aloft for up to 25 hours.

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