The Chinese under the guise of a puppy sold bamboo rat

Китайцу под видом щенка продали бамбуковую крысу

Attempt office clerk from China pet led to unexpected results.

Male cheaply purchased with the hand of the charming plump puppy with dark fur, that brightened his solitude.

At first all went well. But then the owner began to notice in the behavior of pet strange, not the habits of the dog, according to .

Came to the aid of the Internet. The clerk posted a picture of “puppy” in the network and asked users to explain what kind of animal.

It turned out that “puppy” is actually nothing more than a rat – though not usual, and bamboo.

This species lives in southern China, Vietnam and Myanmar, it feeds mainly on bamboo (hence the name). Animal meat is considered a delicacy in local cuisine.

After learning the truth, the owner decided not to leave the rat at home, as I didn’t know how to take care of it, and put a pet in a special shelter.

Note that this is not the first time such deception. So, the inhabitant of the Chinese city Yilan bought at the roadside four-legged friend, which the seller gave for puppy Mastiff. For two years he kept his house and even tried to train, but in the end, the dog has grown into a full black bear. The hapless dog owner could barely attach it to the center of protection of wild nature.