The choice of the site of a future disputed school in Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval

The choice of the site of a future disputed school in Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval

The site chosen by the municipality of Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval, for the construction of a third primary school on its territory, provokes an outcry.

The announcement of the construction of a school on September 8 by the Legault government, good news in itself, was eagerly awaited in this locality north of Beauport. However, its location is far from unanimous.

The City has set its sights on a huge grassy lot that belongs to Marc Thomassin and his son François on rue des Champs, where there is only one residence, his own. The latter refuse to sell the family land where they grew up.


The City will therefore have to turn to the courts to expropriate them, unless a mutual agreement is reached, which is unlikely. François Thomassin affirms that the City did not play fair from the start by telling him not to worry, during a first meeting in the spring. The official announcement, recently, had the effect of a “sledgehammer”.

His neighbors on avenue Sainte-Brigitte are also appalled and they are not the only ones. More than 200 people had already signed a petition at the end of the day, Wednesday, against the choice of the site.

“Of course that doesn't suit our business. I'm not sure we're going to stay, ”reacted Mylène Côté, who had chosen this area close to nature for its tranquility and the view of the mountains. His quality of life is in danger of taking a hit with a school in his backyard. She also fears the impact on the value of her home.

Many parents also hoped that the City would set up the future school in another district, in Saphirs Park, to avoid traffic problems since the three schools will be relatively close, within walking distance.

The mayor defends his choice

Mayor Carl Thomassin deplores the content of the online petition which is “riddled with lies” according to him. He claims to have acted according to the rules of the art and to have chosen the best possible site. The land near the Saphirs Park, anyway, “did not meet the standards,” he says.

“We're talking about a 23-class school, will that create 35 to 40 jobs here and are we petitioning against that?” It is not the entire population who thinks like that. On the ground, people are favorable. ”

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