The Christian Science Monitor: China picks up in Ukraine, everything can still be saved

The Christian Science Monitor: Китай подбирает на Украине всё, что ещё можно спасти

“China pursues rapid economic invasion of the Ukraine – it was he, and not the West, fills the vacuum formed five years ago after the gap of strategic cooperation with Russia, geopolitically threatening to reorient Ukraine from West to East,”reports the international weekly newspaper The Christian Science Monitor with the editors in Boston, USA.

The publication notes that China this year has become the largest trading partner of Ukraine, ahead of not only Russia, but also Poland. This publication refers to data of the National Bank of Ukraine. Until the end of the year, China is planning to invest in sea port of Mariupol, in the high-speed train in the Kiev subway up to seven billion dollars. Ukraine, for its part, provides China with grain, replacing the exports of the United States.

According to Vadim Karasev, Director of the independent Institute of global strategies in Kiev, Chinese investments became popular only because there is no other.

“No one else in our industry is not interested. Russia considers Ukraine as an unreliable partner. The United States and other Western countries have their own military industry and help keep our they are not interested. Our know-how and technology is Chinese. In the U.S., of course, gave us to understand that from the sale of shares of the military industrial complex to China they are not happy with. But to whom else?”– quoted Karaseva.

However, it seems that Washington is seriously concerned that in the hands of China will be the remnants of the former military industry of the USSR, such as the legendary Antonov design Bureau and manufacturer of helicopters and jet engines “Motor Sich”, today they all languish without fresh investment and markets.

Kiev Antonov, a former giant Soviet aircraft, is going through difficult times. Business card of the enterprise – heavy transport planes, they were interested in the Chinese, and especially the An-225 Mriya, the heaviest lifting aircraft in the world whose carrying capacity is twice higher than the American C-5 galaxy.

“China aerospace Corporation has applied for the acquisition of a stake in motor-building enterprise “Antonov”. The size of the share is not disclosed. However, most complaints in the U.S. cause Chinese views of Zaporizhzhya company “Motor Sich”. Two Chinese companies tried to buy a controlling stake in the group, but the deal is currently delayed due to strong objections of the West”,– writes the author of the article Fred Veer (Fred Weir), canadian journalist in Moscow.

In his opinion, this deal is not like neither Washington nor Moscow, neither Kiev, however, the company “Motor Sich” can not survive, and the Chinese throw a lifeline. The West the company does not need Western partners of Ukraine only care that technology does not fall into the hands of the Chinese, all the rest does not interest them, says the analyst of the Kiev brokerage firm “the Concorde the capital” Alexander Parashiy.

Difficult to ask other countries to support the Ukrainian projects, while the government itself has nothing to do not. Well, while the West side is watching the Ukrainian industry is falling apart, doing nothing to help China picks up everything that can still be saved, says The Christian Science Monitor.

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