The Church and the Simulacrum: what becomes of those who recognize ptsu

Церковь и Симулякр: во что превращаются те, кто признает ПЦУ

The Archbishop Jerome, Patriarch Bartholomew and Patriarch Theodoros II. Photo: SPMWhy the recognition of several local Churches does not make dissenters from the Church of Christ.
The word “simulacrum” comes from the Latin simulacrum, which means fake, fake, in other words, something that has the signs of a signified object, but isn’t in reality. In the title the word is capitalized because that’s how we’ll refer to religious community, which in our eyes is formed of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine of the Patriarchate of Constantinople and all who expressed a desire to be in it.

Watching as the Greek, Alexandrian (and whoever else in the queue?) The churches recognize the DNC, it’s hard to shake the feeling that this is a very smart and prudent, shall we say, nerve center. That everything that happens is not accidental and has internal logic.

A year and a half ago when I started to brew the porridge with the creation of the PCU, few could have imagined that Patriarch Bartholomew will do so. The creation in Ukraine of autocephaly in the form of the canonical Church prevented three things:

The position of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which refused to participate in the project PCU.The lack of canonical Episcopal ordinations at the “episcopate” of the UOC-KP and the UAOC.The inability of Constantinople to grant autocephaly to the structures within the jurisdiction of another Local Church.The Patriarchate of Constantinople has not solved any of these problems on the way to the canonical Ukrainian autocephaly and did not even try to do it.

Instead of trying to convince the bishops of the Church in overcoming the Ukrainian division by creating a single autocephaly, the Patriarch Bartholomew just ordered his Beatitude Onufry, and other hierarchs of the UOC to be on the “unification Council” 15.12.2018 G. Instead put the issue of pererabotannye “bishops” of the UOC-KP and the UAOC, he just found them Episcopal, what are the San, as we understand it, does not appear. And instead of trying to convince the ROC to grant autocephaly to Ukraine along with Constantinople, he simply declared that our country is its canonical territory.

One word Patriarch Bartholomew, the laity were “bishops”, Ukraine changed the jurisdiction of the Church, and many millions UOC simply ceased to exist. How not to recall: “for the meeting and things were, and commanded sasasasa” (PS. 148, 5). That’s just Patriarch Bartholomew is not the Lord God.

Was it possible to create in Ukraine is really a canonical Autocephalous Church? Of course. This possibility and even the scheme as it may be, has repeatedly voiced the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church, including the decrees of the Synod of bishops: first, the return of dissenters to the bosom of the Church, and autocephaly.

Someone might argue that it was impossible, because the UOC-KP and the UAOC did not want to return to the Church through repentance, the only known way to return.

One word Patriarch Bartholomew, the laity were “bishops”, Ukraine changed the jurisdiction of the Church, and many millions UOC simply ceased to exist.It is possible to say the following: if the UOC-KP and the UAOC had even one-tenth as much pressure from the state and the media, which was exerted on the UOC, they would have obeyed like a lamb. I would write “repentance” letter, which would have repented “in General,” as Filaret Denisenko in November 2017: “I like your brother and fellow servant, I’m sorry all that have sinned in word, deed, and all my senses, and from the heart sincerely forgive all”.

This letter was addressed to Patriarch Cyril and bishops of the Orthodox Church and read at the Council of bishops, which, despite such General language, then decided to create a Commission that would deal with the further question of the return of schismatics to the Church.

But as we remember, just a few days Denisenko forced to abdicate from this timid step in the right direction, as he declared under the watchful eye of the then head of the information Department of the UOC KP yevstratii Zorya. But that letter was nothing but a first step towards the implementation of the scenario: return to the bosom of the Church – canonical autocephaly for Ukraine.

In the episcopate of the UOC alignment was like this: one-third of the bishops – for autocephaly, a third against and a third undecided. But a canonical autocephaly, not what is now called the DNC. Ie with the right steps from both Constantinople and other participants in the events in Ukraine could easily create a single canonical Autocephalous Church.

Why, then, were not allowed to do? Would really have been the second largest Local Orthodox Church in the world, with the canonical bishops and tens of millions of believers. Because the canonical Church in Ukraine was not needed addition to conventional think tank, which developed the project PCU. The deep forces that stand behind the project PCU, do not need a Church, need Simulacrum. Why? Because the Church is governed by Christ and the Simulacrum – its creators.

Hardly anyone can deny the assertion that any heretical or schismatic community is a simulacrum. Outwardly similar, but not the Church. Such simulacra were the schismatic UOC-KP and the UAOC. And that of these simulacra has created a Simulacrum in the form of ptsu.

Remember, what are the signs of the Church. It is “one, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic”. Unlike the Church, PCU describes the following:

“The episcopate” DNC has no canonical Episcopal ordinations, i.e. Apostolic succession. Thus, it is not Apostolic.The components of the PCU, the UOC-KP and UAOC, each in his time, alienated themselves from the one Church, as evidenced by canonical sanctions from the Russian Orthodox Church, confirmed by all the local churches. This separation from the one Church to overcome a piece of paper from Constantinople. Thus, the ptsu is not United.In ptsu nowhere to take Holiness, because the Holy Spirit cannot be inherent in this organization in the preceding two paragraphs, and the personal “Holiness” of Filaret Denisenko, Epiphany Dumenko, Eustratius Zorya, Alexander (drabinko) and the other keep silent. Thus, the PCU can not be called a Saint.The concept of catholicity in the Church implies two aspects: first, is the collection of all believers in Christ without distinction as to national, ideological, cultural and other characteristics. Secondly, it is unity of management. In DNC, the collection of its members is not based on faith in Christ, and through faith in Ukraine, the Ukrainian nation and statehood. Someone may present in the composition ptsu people having different political beliefs? As for the management of the PCU, in its Tomos did not provided such a body as the Council of bishops. And on all important questions of “hierarchy” of the DNC is obliged to refer to the Patriarch of Constantinople. Thus, the PCU cannot be called congregational.From all this it can be concluded that in the face of the DNC before us is not the Church, and the real Simulacrum. You can add the following:

Ptsu created by the efforts of secular authorities, and often people or a religion, or a religious polyglot, as a former President of Petro Poroshenko, who took part in the religious ceremonies of many faiths, including the Jews at the Wailing Wall.Ptsu has created methods of violence and deception, when the Orthodox churches or take away, or by fraud will be transferred to the PCU, or both.PCU was created as a support of Ukrainian statehood, which has been repeatedly publicly stated its creators.And this conclusion becomes even more obvious.

Ukraine was able to create a true Local Church, but instead created a Simulacrum. The canonical episcopate and without a purpose to lead people into the Kingdom of God.

When the former President, using the power of the state (and only state) of the apparatus of coercion, tried to make Metropolitan Onufry and the bishops of the Church to participate in the creation of ptsu, Lord enlighten our bishops and they realized that the country create a Simulacrum, and not the Church.

Canonical Church in Ukraine does not need the think tank, which developed the project PCU. The deep forces that stand behind the project PCU, do not need a Church, need Simulacrum. Because the Church is governed by Christ and the Simulacrum – its creators.Here are the words of his Beatitude Onufry the day before the “unifying Council 15.12.2018 G.: “I would not want to be a prophet, but I think that lawlessness begets lawlessness. It is good to never bring any. God grant that all was well, to help people understand their weaknesses and that people are not United around evil, and to unite people around good. It is the Union of good, useful and salutary. Uniting around evil leads people to perdition. <…> There will be new schisms and new divisions in the Orthodox world”.

And now this Simulacrum beginning to recognize the Local Church. Are the words that ptsu thus part of the family of local Churches, however, the reality is exactly the opposite. Ptsu is not part of the family of local Churches, and those who recognize ptsu, join it, i.e. for Simulacra.

What happens if you mix with the righteous sinful, a barrel of honey fly in the ointment? If we dilute the pseudo-hirotonii “bishops” ptsu these ordinations of the bishops of Constantinople, of the Greek and Alexandrian Churches, what happens to output? How many percent grace? Will it be all together just lies and mockery of the bishopric and the priesthood?

Entry into the Church takes place not only as the renunciation of sin: “repent, for the Kingdom of heaven” (Matt. 3, 2). Joining Simulacra is done not only as a renunciation of God’s Truth. This abdication is manifested in two aspects:

The betrayal of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the spiritual care of Metropolitan Onufriya.Violation of the canons of the Church expressly prohibiting doing so, as did Constantinople.A year ago, without exception, the Local Church recognize the UOC is the only canonical Church in Ukraine, Metropolitan Onufry Her head. And now for Constantinople, the Greek and Alexandrian Churches ceased to exist as of the UOC, and his Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Onufry.

A question that nobody can answer: what is a canonical violation committed by the UOC, together with their Primate, to no longer see? What made the above Church to deny millions of faithful of the UOC and to embrace the unrepentant Raskolnikov? What made you turn away from his Beatitude Onufry and to recognize the “Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine,” Sergei Dumenko, who has not the Episcopal ordination or monastic vows? Except treason to call it impossible.

The decision of Constantinople to create a ptsu, as in the decisions of the Greek and Alexandrian Churches to recognize it, there is no canonical evidence that you can do that. No Canon does not allow to create similar lawlessness, and many specifically prohibit. All the rationale comes down to the fact that Constantinople had the right to do so, because it Constantinople.

Therefore, with the confession of Epiphanius Dumenko not ptsu become a Church, but rather Churches that recognize it, become a Simulacrum. Our eyes Simulacrum stepped outside Ukraine and began to grow in the world. This big Simulacrum has acquired features, clearly distinguishing it from the Church, namely:

The recognition of the primacy of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the Church.About the recognition of ordination “hierarchy” PCU.“Christ is the head of the Church” (Eph. 5, 23). “I am with you all days, even to the end of the century. Amen” (Matt. 28, 20). This is determined by the Church.

“In General, the Head of our Church, we believe Christ. But on earth it is the universal Patriarch” (Metropolitan Monemvassia and Spartan Greek Orthodox Church Eustace (Spiliotis). This is already a Simulacrum.

Not can a Church that for two thousand years, professed his Head Jesus Christ, suddenly to say that His power does not extend to the ground, because it dominates the Patriarch of Constantinople. And Simulacrum – can.

What about ordination and what are the consequences of recognition can be read in the book of Numbers (16, 1-3, 23-35). This is a story about how the earth swallowed alive Korah, Dathan and Abiram, dared to arbitrarily usurp the priesthood. “And they gathered against Moses and Aaron, and said to them, come to you; all of society, all that is Holy, and the Lord is among them! Why do you put yourself above the Lord’s people?” (Num. 16, 3).

How it resonates with today: “Why do you say that only the UOC canonical? Here ptsu and Epiphanius, too.” But “the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, saying, separate yourselves from among this congregation, that I may consume them in a moment” (Num. 16, 20-21).

The decision of Constantinople to create a ptsu, as in the decisions of the Greek and Alexandrian Churches to recognize it, there is no canonical evidence that you can do that. It all comes down to the fact that Constantinople had the right to do so, because it Constantinople.In this context, a very important one part of this biblical narrative, namely, that the Lord has commanded all people to move away from these self-consecrated ones of the old Testament: “And he said to the congregation, depart from the tents of the wicked men and do not touch anything that belongs to them, not to perish in all their sins” (Num. 16, 26).

The Greek bishops who recognize the ptsu? The exact opposite of what saith the Lord in Scripture.

So, we see a Simulacrum, which existed in Ukraine in the form of the schismatic UOC-KP and the UAOC, strengthened, and began to seize Local Church. The true architects of the Simulacrum, who are quite aware of what they are doing, he was convinced that even respected and influential bishops can be made to meet their requirements, while respecting God’s commandments and Church canons and his own words just recently (as in the case of the Patriarch of Alexandria).

About what further may require such broken bishops of the creators of the Simulacrum and what could be its fate, read the following publications SPM.Kirill Alexandrov

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