The Church celebrates the memory of Sainted Nicholas the Wonderworker

Церковь празднует память святителя Николая Чудотворца

The Church celebrates the memory of Sainted Nicholas the Wonderworker. Photo: foma.ruSaint Nicholas the Wonderworker is one of the most revered Christian saints. Prayers to him are turning thousands of people and left many testimonies of his help.
19 December 2019, the Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of Saint Nicholas of Myra, who is also called Saint Nicholas.

Saint Nicholas was born in 270 year Patara, in the region of Lycia in Asia Minor. Parents of the future Archbishop was the affluent, believed in Christ and actively helped the poor.

By St. Nicholas from his childhood devoted himself entirely to his faith, spending much time in the temple. Growing up, he became a reader and later a priest in the Church where the rector was his uncle, Bishop Nicholas patorski.

After his parents died, Nicholas gave all his inheritance to the poor and has continued Church service.

In the years when the attitude of Roman emperors towards the Christians became more tolerant, but the persecution, however, continued he ascended the Bishop’s throne in the World (now Demre, Turkey).

During the life of Saint Nicholas became famous for many miracles. In particular, saved the city of Myra from a terrible famine.

Since ancient times, Saint Nicholas is the patron Saint of travelers and, in the first place — sailors. In his life of a case is described: as a young man, St. Nicholas went to study in Alexandria. While traveling on the ship tragedy: one of the sailors was killed, torn from the mast. Saint Nicholas began to sincerely pray about it, and to everyone’s amazement, the Lord performed a miracle — revived the unfortunate sailor.

Young girl praying to Saint Nicholas and ask him protection and assistance in the establishment of the family in memory of the assistance given by the Saint Nicholas the same family.

A poor man, father of three daughters, had no money for a dowry, desperate to marry them off and to somehow feed his family, decided to sell them to a brothel. Learning of this, Bishop Nicholas did not ask God for miraculous help, but decided I would this time to help himself to the best of their human forces. At night he went secretly to the house of a poor man and threw him his own savings. About the selfless act of the town’s Bishop learned immediately and then accidentally — the Saint did not want to tell anyone about the incident.

Saint Nicholas is the patron Saint of prisoners and wrongfully convicted. The life says that the Saint suddenly appeared in the square during the execution of three convicted prisoners in the city jail and literally grabbed the hand of the executioner, already sanosukes sword. No one dared to argue with the esteemed all Church Bishop, the execution was postponed, and soon found evidence of the innocence of the convicts. The Lord pre-opened St. Nicholas the true circumstances of the case, to Holy helped the prisoners and prevented unjust punishment.

One of the cases, the help of St. Nicholas remembers the famous pop singer of the first half of the twentieth century, Alexander Vertinsky. It happened in the 1920-ies in the Chinese city of Harbin. Early spring by local resident fisherman went to the river. The weather was already warm and suddenly the ice broke, and a poor fisherman appeared in the cold spring water. He felt like he’s being sucked into the depths and knew dies. At the last moment, the fisherman remembered about the mysterious image-the icon, which is on city station hung Russian immigrants. “The old man station, help, save me!” – he pleaded and immediately lost consciousness. Woke up a fisherman on land away from water.

Vertinsky wrote that later the Chinese accepted Orthodoxy, and his example was followed by some of his fellow countrymen.

As reported by PWC, informed Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) said that there are two desires of the person who will perform the Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker – to find true joy and be grateful.

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