The cinema is possible without play to the police, according to Vincent Guzzo

Le cinéma est possible sans jouer à la police, selon Vincent Guzzo

MONTREAL – lovers of cinema are anxious to the dark rooms of the province to reopen. Vincent Guzzo also. The montreal businessman believes that it is possible financially and that it will be safe for public health.

The owner of the Cinemas Guzzo is said to be in a position to enforce social distancing to limit the spread of the COVID-19 as the set of the film industry.

“Fill a room to 50 % of its capacity is not a problem for us,” said Vincent Guzzo, Friday, in an interview with TVA News.

What is social distancing? “We are going to have to do the policeman in the room and say: “excuse me, you are not of the same household or the same family, let a free school”? No, the social distancing is now done automatically. And at the cinema, there was already a tendency to not sit next to each other,” said Vincent Guzzo.

The financial plan for a certain period of time, it is playable according to him. “For example, a 14-screen cinema, I have not 14 big films to offer. I can play a big film on eight screens”, he explained.

Vincent Guzzo will install, as in the shops, strict measures in its cinemas: gels sanitizer for customers, safety instructions, visors for employees, etc

It will be ready when the public health and the government Legault will allow the reopening of cinemas. And he has some advice for moviegoers : “If you are sick, stay home, don’t play Superman!”

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