The cinemas want to re-open in June

Even if they have not obtained the green light from the government, the owners of cinemas and cine-parcs du Québec hope to always be able to start over to accommodate the movie-goers by the beginning of the summer.

In its plan of déconfinement unveiled Tuesday, the government Legault confirmed that the cultural sectors and locations would remain closed until further notice. This news was not surprised the owners of movie theaters who did not expect anyway to be able to reopen their doors before mid-June.

“My plan, at the present time, it is to reopen during the week of 19 June, said the president of Cinemas Guzzo, Vincent Guzzo. I would like to organize something special to celebrate the Saint-Jean-Baptiste with a programming 100 % in quebec this week. This would allow us to leave the machine until the arrival of the first big american films, in July. “

Robin Plamondon, owner of the Cinemas, The Clap of Sainte-Foy and Loretteville, is also planning the opening of its rooms for the month of June : “We are not soothsayers, but we think that it is possible to re-open in June. We are working for it, ” he says.

The owners of the ciné-parcs du Québec, who wanted to open in may, will also have to wait for the arrival of the month of June (at least) before being able to resume their activities.

Sanitary measures

In their various recovery plans submitted to the government, the cinema owners have not provided the sanitary measures and special to cater to their customers safely.

“It was already installed in our cinemas of the panels of plexiglass to protect the employees and the customers, explained the CEO of the Cinema Beaubien and Du Parc, Mario Fortin. It has also taken measures in our classrooms to see how we can operate in the keeping of the distances of two metres between the spectators, including using only a seat on three, and one row on two. We will certainly also change the hours of projections to provide at least 30 minutes between each performance in order to disinfect the chairs and clean the rooms. There are several health measures that are being put in place. It prepares… “

– With the collaboration of Cédric Bélanger

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