The City of Brossard prohibited nudity in the locker room

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The City is said to have been forced to act after being flooded with complaints about nudity in what it considers to be of public spaces.

The City of Brossard has decided to ban all nudity on the inside of the locker room of its municipal swimming pools — a regulation a very delicate matter that raises questions among some citizens.


The municipality south of Montreal, announced to its residents in the monthly newsletter that it would no longer be for men or for women to walk naked in their dressing rooms and in the showers.


For the moment, the punishment is a simple warning. The City is said to have been forced to act after being flooded with complaints about nudity in what it considers to be of public spaces.


Roland Bérard, a resident for 30 years in Brossard, called the new regulation ” retrograde “.


Mr. Bérard is said not to agree to the idea to cover themselves in the locker room when he is changing or when he takes a shower, while he understood the importance of being ” discreet “.


The 67 year old man, who swims in the mornings when the adults are no longer present, said that he does not see a problem to change or to take his shower naked.


He claims to have never experienced problem, even when his own children have followed courses in these same pools.


Mr. Bérard wondered if there would be no parents to teach their children about the human body.


Roland Bérard said that he did not want to create conflict ; he just wants to lead a discussion on the topic.


Eric Leuenberger, assistant director for recreation services in the City of Brossard, has explained that the decision had been taken after the citizens had expressed their dissatisfaction with some users of swimming pools.


“If the measure has been reinforced, it is that we had several complaints, parents with children who do not want the child to be exposed to the body of the other person, but also of the people who were uncomfortable. It is perhaps a question of generation, ” he explained in a telephone interview.


“These complaints, there had been several. “


This new regulation is imposed, that Brossard is in the process of building a new aquatic complex where the spaces will be universal and not divided into dressing rooms for men and women. The facilities are expected to open their doors in 2019.


The City currently has two swimming pools in secondary schools.


The aquatic centre, which has cost $ 45 million, includes a common space open to all, private showers and places to change.


This kind of space is prevalent throughout Canada and Europe, including Switzerland, France and Belgium.


The representative of the City has defended the new regulations, as it deems necessary, and that should apply to all citizens without exception, according to him.


Mr. Leuenberger invited Mr. Bérard to get used to.


“I’m not saying that the behavior of Mr. Bérard is abnormal. Ten years ago, it would surely have said anything, but now it is rendered to that, ” he said.


Following the adoption of this regulation, there has been two complaints, one of Mr. Bérard.


The nudity in the locker room had been the subject of debate also in Montreal, last summer, when signs posted at a swimming pool encouraged swimmers to use their discretion.

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