The City of Québec is in addition to the boycott of Facebook

La Ville de Québec s'ajoute au boycottage de Facebook

Quebec City adds its voice to several other institutions, and will suspend its advertising on the social network Facebook, in support of the fight against racism.

“With the disruption to its advertising placements on Facebook, the City is right in step with the government of Quebec and the different institutions and companies around the world, to denounce the lack of supervision of the social network against hate messages and racist,” said the mayor of Québec, Régis Labeaume, Monday, by way of a press release. “We invite all municipalities to do the same in order to demonstrate the importance of the fight against racism.”

The municipality does stop all its spending on advertising on the social network from Monday, and until further order.

This decision also includes the investments made by the Office of tourism of Québec and the municipal public Security.

The City joined a movement of global boycott that aims to bring down Facebook, which is accused of allowing hate speech and racist on its platforms.

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