The City sacrificed a lane of traffic on the côte d’abraham

La Ville sacrifiera une voie de circulation sur la côte d’Abraham

From 2026, the motorists who will go to parliament hill to head towards the north of Quebec, will lose a lane of traffic on the coast of Abraham, found The Log.

The information, never previously communicated, it is visible in a figure made public last week on the website of the network structuring of public transport. Simple arrows drawn on a map show that there will be only one lane of traffic in north direction (to the suburbs), and two in the south direction (towards the Upper City), on the coast of Abraham.

Currently, the coast of Abraham has four lanes. Two are devoted to automobiles, and two are reserved for buses and taxis, from Monday to Friday, between 7 h and 17 h 30.

Three lanes instead of four

As early as the fall of 2026, the tram will pass in a tunnel of 3.5 km in this sector and there will be more buses on the coast of Abraham. However, this artery nerve will be three lanes of traffic instead of four currently.

But, since the traffic in the north direction it will go, ultimately, on Dorchester street instead of the street of the Crown, “it is not possible to continue with four lanes in the curve, which becomes momentarily Saint-Vallier Is (down the coast of Abraham), because the bottleneck does not allow the passage of three pathways, as is currently the case,” says David O’brien, a spokesman for the City.

According to him, the fact of ” maintain two lanes all the way along the coast in the direction north, which will ultimately merge into one at the bottom, is not desirable. This will create congestion “.

The opposition rebels

Head of Quebec 21

Not convinced by this argument, Jean-François Gosselin, head of Quebec’s 21, has denounced the fact that mayor Labeaume has never spoken of the way cut off on the side of Abraham when he presented the new developments in this sector, on may 13.

On this day, the municipal administration had insisted on the transfer of motor vehicle traffic on Dorchester street, which would include four traffic lanes (two in each direction), and the fact that the street of the Crown would be dedicated to the tram and pedestrians.

“It was a false representation and a lack of transparency. This was downright dishonest. The mayor spoke at length about the four lanes on Dorchester, but he never mentioned this major change higher up on the side of Abraham. He never mentioned that he was going to hide a way in the direction of the suburbs and areas to the north of Charlesbourg, Rivers, Vanier… “, he thundered.

According to M. Gosselin, the loss of a lane of cars in this sector is ” the perfect recipe to create bottlenecks and more congestion “.

It would illustrate ” the war with the automobile led by the mayor Labeaume, who does not even his choice “.

Redevelopment of the link between the upper town and the lower town

Source : City of Quebec

From 2026

  • Three lanes of traffic on the coast of Abraham, instead of four, a lane in the direction of the suburbs, and two to the hill.
  • There will be more buses on the coast of Abraham. The tram will pass in tunnel in this area.
  • Down the coast of Abraham, in a northerly direction, the car will not turn over on the street of the Crown, but on Dorchester street, which will have four lanes of traffic.
  • The two-lane northbound on Dorchester street will start from the intersection of the rue Victor-Revillon.
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