The City will update its traffic studies of the tram

La Ville actualisera ses études d'achalandage du tramway

After being very reluctant, the City of Quebec obeyed, finally, at the request of the BAPE and will provide a study of ridership updated to the new version of the tramway project.

The mayor, Régis Labeaume made the announcement Thursday, on the sidelines of a press conference for the inauguration of the swimming pool of the parc Victorin-Beaucage.

“In the last week of August, it will be provided to the BAPE the update of the traffic as a whole.”

During the hearings of the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE), the director of the office of the project of the tramway, Daniel Genest, had shown little enthusiasm to comply with the demand that made him the commissioner. The City has changed his mind “because the BAPE was asked”. “It doesn’t go with the “BAPE”, dropped Mr. Labeaume.

But the mayor advises that he should not expect very different figures from what has already been provided to the government. “The goodwill that the government had in February this year when they issued a decree that it can go to appeal of qualification and that they have added 419 M$, it is the same traffic. So what was good then is still good today.”

At the most, will there be a decrease of 1.6% to 2% of ridership, or 600 000 passages per year, due to the abandonment of the trambus, ” he stressed.

As to the willingness of the government to do its own study of traffic which would reflect the future project of the third link, the mayor said that this has already been taken into account in the current study in which the government has already taken cognizance. “This is not a problem. We have an idea of the traffic. There is no problem to host the customer-there.”

It notes that the government has the”advantage” of being able to connect his project underground station on the D’youville.

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