The Clippers prevailing in the face of the Pelicans

Les Clippers dominants face aux Pelicans

After suffering the defeat against the Los Angeles Lakers in their first game of the series NBA, the Clippers have quickly turned the page. The training in california has been without pity for the Pelicans of New Orleans, she defeated 126 to 103 on Saturday night at the HP Field House, Orlando.

Without surprise, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have taken things in hand for the Clippers. The first has scored 24 points, while the second added 28.

The Clippers have experienced a first half for the thunder, scoring 37 points in the first quarter and then 40 in the second. After three quarters, almost 40 points separated the two formations, while the troop of Leonard dominated 103 to 66.

The Clippers have slightly lifted the foot in the fourth quarter, which was dominated by the Pelicans a 37 to 23.

The star player of The New Orleans Zion Williamson has once again been limited in his playing time. In 14 min 11 s, he has recorded seven points and five rebounds.

Second in the Western conference at the end of the regular season behind the Lakers, the Clippers had known of the beginnings rather frustrating in Orlando. Opposed to their main rivals of Los Angeles, they saw the victory escape them hands in the final moments of the match. LeBron James broke the tie with 12 seconds to go and then prevented the replica of Leonard thanks to a solid performance in defensive. The Lakers eventually won, 103 to 101.

Harden and the Rockets are impressive

If the Lakers and the Clippers of Los Angeles are required to many as the favorites to win the NBA championship this season, he should certainly not count the Houston Rockets to beat them.

Led by James Harden and Russell Westbrook, they are back from behind to defeat the Dallas Mavericks, 153 to 149, in overtime, on Friday night, their first game in Orlando. Harden has scored no fewer than 49 points while Westbrook added 31. The duo has harvested a total of 80 points, 20 rebounds and 16 assists.

“It is a very good start for us. But we came here to win, and we still have a lot of things to correct,” said Harden interview after the match.

One of the main weaknesses of the training of Houston, is his defense. In this regard, Harden believes his team is well output in the face of the Mavericks, who rely on one of the best offensive of the league.

“It has built our confidence in defensive, particularly in the fourth quarter. We have continued to push the pace and beat us,” added Harden.

The Rockets, who had concluded the regular season ranked fifth in the West, will face the Milwaukee Bucks Sunday. It will be a duel at the top between the two best teams in the NBA on the plan offensive.

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