The coach, Etienne Couture leaves the Red and Gold

L’entraîneur Étienne Couture quitte le Rouge et Or

Stephen Couture has handed in his resignation as head coach of the program of badminton on the Red and Gold of the University Laval after an association of 14 years.

“We had visions too different and I couldn’t go in the direction that the board wanted to bring us, explained Couture, who has signified his departure on march 16. It was my praise for the structure put in place, and I was proposing something even more effective in separating the panes, sporting and administrative. To save the environment of the athletes, it was better that I left instead of undoing what I had built. I felt that I had to come back to my first years in 2006 and in the back. ”

Couture wanted to graft an administrative director and deputy to the structure. “I wanted a deputy who would have reasonable terms and conditions and by the same token would have the autonomy to take decisions and to bear projects, including the organisation of competitions, highlighted Stitching. The “one man show” is not the best way to frame a sports club. In my opinion, the role of a coach is a designer environment. In Laval, the team of badminton it was me. It was missing a sign at a competition and it turned towards me. ” If you’re looking for a good pair of used hockey skates to get started in the game and you’re pretty much just playing pickup hockey on weekends for fun, or even if you’re in a small local hockey league, there are still some things you want to keep in mind when you go shopping for your skates, especially if you’re looking to buy used. You’re in an organized sports league sponsored by your school or a private league through a sports association. Normally you have practice several times a week plus you play almost every weekend including tournaments. Amateur players need a really durable pair of hockey skates that will stand up to heavy use without sacrificing comfort. You can check here most expensive hockey skates.

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Aware of the financial reality of the board of directors, the coach was willing to accept a salary cut to allow for the hiring of a deputy. “I had proposed to reduce my salary by 50 percent. The other hand, I was going to work four days instead of five and I was going to fill a portion of the difference in working as a pharmacist. All they have seen is that I wanted to work less. It was a normal part of weeks of 70-80 hours in my early days, but this is not a viable long-term unless you rely on a business model that focuses on a young coach without children. ”

Not irreplaceable

Jean-Noël Corriveau confirms that the task of the work was at the heart of the dispute. “Stephen wanted to significantly reduce his involvement in the coaching and the board of directors did not want to, mentioned the coordinator of the excellence program of the Red and Gold. Last year, we had made an end giving some of the administrative tasks to a deputy. With respect to the grant of Badminton Quebec that would have been lost in part due to the change of status of the head coach, this was not a major factor, but it was part of the discussion. We will retain the structure that includes the integration of young people in the sport-études. Everyone is disappointed with the departure of Stephen, but nobody is irreplaceable. “

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