The coaches of the NHL to engage in mentoring

Les entraîneurs de la LNH se lancent dans le mentorat

The coaches Association and the national hockey League (NHLCA) will launch in the next few weeks a mentoring program for instructors.

It was initially due to be implemented next October, but the NHLCA decided to pre-empt its launch due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus which has forced the circuit Bettman to put his activities on hiatus.

“More than ever, the community of hockey should come together and support each other, indicated the president of the NHLCA, Lidsay Artkin, in a press release of his organization. Our coaches in the NHL have taken a leadership role on this. They remain determined to contribute to the development of all coaches of hockey in the world, especially in these difficult times.”

The mentoring program includes twenty capsules videos made by coaches-in-chief, assistants and coaches the guards.

“We are fortunate to be coaching in the NHL, to share our knowledge with the next generation is the least we can do,” said Ralph Krueger, who is the driver of the Sabres of Buffalo.

This program was initially offered as a pilot project to coaches from the NCAA, USHL, ECHL and AHL, or from 10 February to 9 march. It will be available to all aware of the next six weeks.

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