“The coalition Zelensky and Poroshenko”. As Goncharuk helped the coming of Viatrovych to the Parliament

"Коалиция Зеленского и Порошенко". Как Гончарук помог пришествию Вятровича в Раду

The former head of the Institute of national remembrance, the controversial historian Vladimir vyatrovich can become an MP. It goes to the Parliament on the list of “European solidarity” Petro Poroshenko.

The fact that the fraction of the “ES” came the wife of former attorney General Irina Lutsenko. To replace her in Parliament was next on the list of “Solidarity” Natalia Boyko, but she declined the mandate.

Following the Boyko in the list of EU solidarity is Volodymyr viatrovych, which, thus, can become an MP.

This will certainly raise the position of the party Poroshenko in the environment of his electorate. And helped, paradoxically, ze-team.

How to understand “Country”.

“The Union of public Servants and European solidarity”

The new Cabinet has dismissed Viatrovych in September, almost immediately after its formation. It is very toxic was the character of the Poroshenko. However, removed the head of the Institute, almost with honors – so making it the dismissal of the Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk.

He also played an interesting role in the fact that the former head of the Institute may return to politics. The fact that Natalia Boyko, who refused to go to the Parliament instead of Iryna Lutsenko, has decided to remain a representative of the Cabinet in “Naftogaz”, where she naznin Goncharuk.

Parliament has put forward the version that the Prime Minister thus played along with Poroshenko, which was important to get to the Parliament Vyatrovich. Whose the person in the eyes of the nationalist audience and the “party of war” will strengthen the position of the party of the former President. Unlike little-known Natalia Boyko.

That is, Goncharuk, who was appointed to his post “public servants” headed Zelensky, in fact helped the other parliamentary parties. Besides constantly criticizing the President and monopolista.

If you remember that the Prime Minister before the presidential election, praised Poroshenko, in his current behavior surprising little. However, even at a fraction of “public Servants” have been suggestions that the Parliament in fact formed a coalition between the old and the new authorities – the “Servant of the people” and “European solidarity.”

Started the topic the Deputy-a mazhoritarshchik from “public Servants” Max Buzhansky.

“Watching with interest the sudden Union of Servants of the People and of European Solidarity.

The EU needs to bring to Rada Vyatrovich is Irina Lutsenko, in front of which in the list are standing rather, Ms. Boyko.

So smartly out of the list, and… what an incredible way turns out to be the counselor of the Prime Minister.

In this regard, I only have two questions:

For what purpose the Cabinet helps the President make Vyatrovich in Parliament?

DOX@I if we poroshenkovskih people in the Cabinet and around it?”.

"Коалиция Зеленского и Порошенко". Как Гончарук помог пришествию Вятровича в Раду

“The footage of Poroshenko make the team Zelensky”. Reaction of social networks

Lawyer Andriy Portnov repeated the idea Bogunskogo about the new coalition in the Parliament.

“Today’s advancement on the list of CEC in the faction of the Poroshenko offensive rogulev of Viatrovych, held podtovarnoy thanks to the appointment of one member of the party Poroshenko to work for the Prime Minister Goncharuk again confirms that we are dealing with two real coalition, not one of political forces – public Servants and the EU Poroshenko.

Toxic Poroshenko, after losing the election has completely penetrated to the government and the General Prosecutor’s office.

Start slowly multiplied by zero, the coalition of Poroshenko. So you will not last long”.

He added: “Friends, there is no objection, if the formed coalition of public Servants and European Solidarity for the sake of simplicity I will call the coalition of Poroshenko?”

"Коалиция Зеленского и Порошенко". Как Гончарук помог пришествию Вятровича в Раду

The same trend noted broadcaster Max Nazarov: “viatrovych became the people’s Deputy from the European solidarity. The scheme is simple. Lutsenko became ill and resigned the mandate next on the list was Ms. Boyko. But today, Oh so unexpectedly, the Prime Minister took the same Advisor Mrs. Boyko (actually she worked Goncharuk since September – Ed.). And now, the hour of the historicity of the historian Vyatrovich has come.

Post, actually, not about the controversial former Director of the Institute of naramata. And about the Prime Minister, not even a latent fan of Poroshenko. Oh, Volodymyr Zelensky, You will be difficult. But learn also from their mistakes – and presidents, and Nations.”

"Коалиция Зеленского и Порошенко". Как Гончарук помог пришествию Вятровича в Раду

TV presenter Vasily Apasov: “viatrovych change! Ha, here Irina Lutsenko ceased its parliamentary term, and in its place must come a new member of Europ.

In turn, the MP had to stop by MS Boyko, however, as I read Igor Mosiychuk, which she declined in favor of working with the adviser to our Prime Minister (good there company was going). And voila, next on the list was our “favorite” ex-decommunization viatrovych.

"Коалиция Зеленского и Порошенко". Как Гончарук помог пришествию Вятровича в Раду

Ex-Deputy Igor Mosiychuk wrote about the same thing: “Watch the hands! Ale-op and Volodymyr viatrovych – MP!

After the resignation of Lutsenko in the next Parliament on the lists of the EU should come by MS Boyko, but she refuses the Deputy mandate and goes to work as an Advisor … Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk, and the CEC is now required to recognize the newly elected people’s Deputy Volodymyr Viatrovych. With what it and congratulations!”

"Коалиция Зеленского и Порошенко". Как Гончарук помог пришествию Вятровича в Раду

Other commentators have discussed the fact of the return of Viatrovych.

Editor-in-chief “of the Country,” Igor Guzhva suggested that in Parliament it will Eclipse the President: “the way of the Viatrovych opened the Parliament. 272 vote for deprivation of the mandate of Iryna Lutsenko. Can viatrovych is the future leader of the party of European solidarity?

Can you think of Poroshenko as Bandera with Miller going to do? What do you think?”

"Коалиция Зеленского и Порошенко". Как Гончарук помог пришествию Вятровича в Раду

“I think it is just a gift for Max Buzhansky. Wang, from day to day will be created Deputy Association “National memory”. The corridors of the Verkhovna Rada will be given the status of the streets, and then they will start drastically to rename the programme of de-communization,” – wrote Vasily Apasov.

"Коалиция Зеленского и Порошенко". Как Гончарук помог пришествию Вятровича в Раду

While many nationalists Vyatrovich supported.

Svoboda Oleksandr Aronets said that the coming of Viatrovych is good, but also noted that the footage of Poroshenko make the team Zelensky: “I am Sincerely happy for Volodymyr Viatrovych, who probably will soon become a MP! Very good signing for the Parliament that is teeming with cotton and the agents of the Kremlin. This is the rare case when the awl (Irina Lutsenko) has not changed into soap))

And yet, I am very pleased that the footage of Poroshenko (more in the queue for the mandate was Natalia Boyko, and Vladimir after it) make the team Zelensky, because Natalia Boyko will be the counselor Goncharuk))) this is Santa Barbara)) And for Vladimir genuinely happy!”.

"Коалиция Зеленского и Порошенко". Как Гончарук помог пришествию Вятровича в Раду

“Viatrovych – MP! Faction, the EU will become even stronger and more autoritatea Is a shared victory for the entire opposition. Bravo Poroshenko, who persuaded the other candidates to not take the mandate! All EU everything will be Ukraine!” – written by a former people’s Deputy from BPP Alexander Briginets.

"Коалиция Зеленского и Порошенко". Как Гончарук помог пришествию Вятровича в Раду

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