The collapse of the system. In Ukraine destroyed that matured after February 2014

Крах системы. В Украине разрушается то, что вызрело после февраля 2014 года

Built in 2014, the system began to totter and to crumble. In fact, certain problems with the handling she had in a long time. And after winning the election Zelensky was followed by a gradual destruction.The first sign was, in fact, the defeat of Petro Poroshenko and the right-wing forces in General on the presidential and parliamentary elections.

And all this happened, that is, in terms of range, Poroshenko went to the polls with the traditional right-wing agenda “army, MOV, Vira” and suffered a crushing defeat, receiving about 15% of the votes of all voters. And his opponent, in fact, no agenda is suggested — played just because he does not belong to the current political elite.

Voters voted against the old regime and its “armoire”. And with the new government pinning hopes that “as before” will not. And, despite all the mistakes Zelensky, the level of credibility still rests on Poroshenko level.
The second sign of the collapse of the old system — the collapse of the global “anti-Putin coalition.”

From the very beginning were not for Ukraine, but against Russia. However, war with Russia, foreign friends of Ukraine is gradually beginning to pall. Even the United States refused to introduce a “hell of sanctions”, and the EU just supports what was on the old level. And, characteristically, continues to build “Nord stream — 2”, which is itself stronger all the sanctions put together. Especially after the launch of the “Power of Siberia”.

Vote for Pro-Ukrainian resolution in the UN each time gaining fewer votes. Moreover, recently the United Nations were real, and not Kiev, Crimeans! Especially significant “zrada” occurred in PACE, where, despite the protests of Ukraine, returned the Russian delegation.

This is not to mention the fact that previous sanctions regime was observed, frankly, not very consistently. For example, in the construction of new thermal power plants in “occupied Crimea” (by the way, Ukraine without sanctions for a quarter century, anything like did not bother to build) was used turbines “Siemens”, which, in theory, was supposed to be under sanctions.

Or this latest incident supports “Azov” player Roman Zozulya, who was not allowed to play anti-fascist-minded Spanish fans.

The third sign is the progress towards the implementation of the “Minsk agreements”.

Not to say that the Paris summit in the “Normandy format” has led to some breakthrough, but it was important that resumed direct contact between the presidents of Russia and Ukraine. While Poroshenko has not happened. Even Putin calls Ukrainian colleagues did not answer.
The fourth sign — the beginning of the pressure on the “patriots” in the serious criminal cases.

First of all, the announcement of the disclosure of the case about the murder of Pavel Sheremet. In fact, the names of the attempted assassination was the result known for a long time, but it was in no hurry to bring the case before the presentation of suspicions, knowing that will face the strongest pressure from the “Patriotic public” and power. Now the government has a political will to bring the case to the end.

No matter how well conducted the investigation, it is important that in principle the suspicions extended to the veterans of the ATO (however, there is reason to believe that the veterans, not these, so others would be under suspicion in any case, they are overexposed in many resonant crimes of last time).

The fifth symptom is a serious struggle for the Russian language.

On the one hand, the situation changes in Parliament, not only in the opposition but in the ruling party are MPs, calls for the abolition of discriminating against Russian-speaking citizens of the language legislation.

On the other hand, increasing the external pressure on the Ukrainian authorities — here and tough exchange of views between Putin and Zelensky in Paris, and joyless to the Ukrainian authorities the conclusions of the Venice Commission (VC).

By the way, the insights of VK for Kiev, rather, joyful. From Zelensky appears to be a legal basis for the reform of language legislation in accordance with the wishes of their constituents and in accordance with the uncontested European integration course of Ukraine. Would be enough political will…

Sixth sign — the crisis of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

What round of the draft ptsu is not a very healthy atmosphere, revealed in the moment when he distanced himself even Poroshenko (he got nothing from Thomas in the rating plan, and PR on the dummy then meant a worthless waste of time and money).

But then everything went even worse: novoobrazovany Church did not support any significant number of Orthodox churches, its priests are not allowed on service, and here among the dissenters there was a split — the UOC-KP, the former one of the components of the PCU, the newly separated and is now fighting for its liquidation, which in the absence of some support from the government may be delayed… On the anniversary of the creation of ptsu its activists congratulated each other that their organization survived during this time.
Could list and go on, but perhaps this will stop. Especially the most important pillars of post-Maidan regime — the war in the South-East and anti-Russian propaganda — remain relevant.

However, I want to understand what is actually wrong. But there is a process which, apparently, inherent in the algorithm of the regime by its creators.

In 2014 it was not clear why not create a real dictatorship of the junta blejkom and concentration camps? No, instead, efficient and manageable regime the U.S. pushed the “democracy” that blocked almost everything that was planned, and has generated unprecedented corruption (though the dictatorship in the Ukrainian recension, too, would have given rise to the corruption, in principle, grows always and everywhere that no soot).

Now watching your hands. Nationalist regime in Spain lasted 37 years (20 of them in the form of a strict dictatorship). Ukraine, where the nationalist regime was immediately imposed strict limits, lived in a very soft “democrature” only 5 years old. Obviously, customers Maidana felt that the nationalists have fulfilled your task. The socio-political landscape in the country is quite changed and you can continue to experiment on the population.

Well, we will monitor the process further.Vasily Stoyakin

Крах системы. В Украине разрушается то, что вызрело после февраля 2014 года

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