The College of dietitians will investigate the impostors weight

L’Ordre des diététistes enquêtera sur les imposteurs du poids

The College of dietitians opens an investigation and the College of physicians promised to work to counter the charlatans who sell weight loss and natural health.


L’Ordre des diététistes enquêtera sur les imposteurs du poids

These two professional associations are concerned about the findings of our Bureau of investigation, which have been the subject of the documentary Detox ; infiltration among the impostors weight management, released two months ago.

“Everything you talk about in the documentary will be discussed. […] It doesn’t make good sense, ” says the president of the College, Mauril Gaudreault.

The doctor agrees to share his or her concerns to other levels, as well as to the ministers of Health and Justice.

The documentary Detox depicts the profitable industry of loss of weight. It demonstrates that some schools approved by the government provide training canister on miracle cures for losing weight.

For its part, the professional Order of dietitians of Quebec says he has opened an investigation.

“We are aware of the folder, and we take it very seriously,” says Paule Bernier, president of the College.

In Detox, our Bureau of investigation was able to attend with a hidden camera, training in the company Nutriphilia, to become a ” practitioner in weight management “. This title is not recognised by any professional order.

Cure for pedophilia

We have also followed courses at the Academy of Energy Health, where we teach by example that there is a homeopathic remedy to counter pedophilia or sexual deviance, and that vaccines cause autism.

We also explained, during our infiltration, that it was important to do two to three irrigations (irrigation) colon per year, in order to clean the body.

Dr. Gaudreault believes that ” there is cause for an investigation. For example, a naturopath can not go against the indications of a product by recommending it to people with diabetes or cancer [as heard in the documentary] “.

Investigator full-time

At the head of the College for the past 16 months, he said he was “concerned” about the phenomenon of illegal practice of medicine.

“There is an investigator with us who is occupied full-time on it, lance-t-il. For example, irrigation of the colon, it is dangerous and this is illegal practice. It is not based on any scientific basis. We can’t let them continue it […]”

The government of Québec, the minister of Health, Danielle McCann, has not wanted to comment, referring back to Health Canada.

The minister of Justice, Sonia LeBel, concern and reiterates that ” one of the reasons be the professional system is the protection of the public and the fight against the charlatans and pseudoscience “.


France Parent we proposed to undergo a colonic irrigation in a clinic in Beloeil. It is a controversial practice that are specialists. We filmed hidden camera during this news report released at the end of last year.

A woman of Beloeil who offer services of washing of the colon, shown in the documentary Detox, is facing five counts of illegal practice of medicine. France Parent, who is not a physician, is referred to since the 19th of August by a notice of violation of the College of physicians. According to the documents filed by the College, Ms. Parent has “diagnosed” disease, “has determined that the medical treatment” and ” prescribed medications and other substances during a consultation “. His case will be back in court on 7 February.

Health Canada is pointing the finger

Health Canada should exercise greater rigour before licensing natural health products, believes the Association pour la santé publique du Québec (ASPQ).

Our Office survey showed, in December, of the irregularities surrounding the range of products Nutriphilia , which are in the form of powder and capsules.

The president of Nutriphilia, Pascale Gervais, boasted in its course that its range of products was certified. The packaging are beautiful and a natural product number (NPN) provided by Health Canada, but this number corresponds to the one granted to another company, distribution of Health Leblanc.

The director of communications for Health Canada has confirmed in October that “none of the products presented on the web site of Nutriphilia” had been approved.

It is long

A “tracking record” has been opened at the government agency, but three months later, it’s impossible to have details. Health Canada reiterates that a team is ” in the process of conducting follow-ups and take the necessary actions to rectify the situation “.

According to Yves G. Jalbert, of the ASPQ, it is just the registration process that should be reviewed.

“What is their evaluation grid ? Their settings to say that product is good or not ? It seems that Health Canada accepts everything. It is mind-blowing. It is too opaque, it does not have the required information, ” says the specialist content of this organization whose mandate is to address issues of health and well-being of Quebecers.

This spring

Health Canada is conducting consultations on natural health products and self-care from 2016. Proposals are promised for this spring.

“For natural health products, to improve labelling,” says Manon Bombardier, director general of the Directorate of natural health products and non-prescription from Health Canada.

For example, the label of prescription drugs must include a table showing the ingredients.

“It requires a contrast black on white, and a minimum size font of six,” says Ms. Bombardier.

The proposal does not satisfy the ASPQ, who would prefer that we talk more on the content than the packaging.

“Even if you are improving the labelling, the problem is that one in two canadians has a level of literacy is low, so that it is unable to interpret the information,” said Mr. Jalbert.

Check out the promises troubling that our reporter has heard in this documentary of one hour on Club illico.

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