The commissioner of pockets

Le commissaire des poches

Do you know that the grand national tournament of the pockets is the only MAJOR event still on the calendar ? On the 27th of September in Mirabel. If the COVID-19 and the government want, they will be a hundred pocheurs for the biggest tournament of pockets in the country.

All those that I’ve spoken of this chronic have ended in roaring laughter. Not an exception. And I’ve had to myself to wipe my glasses all the time.

However, I do not write to me making fun of these pioneers of the pockets. Pantoute. Benedict Desautels is an entrepreneur respected and Marc Lajoie, the commissioner not appointed to the national Association of pockets, is a computer genius. I helped him out in London, in Pyeongchang, Sochi, in Vegas, in fact anywhere where he had to weigh in on a couple of pitons to restart a computer.

The real pochesS

But there is cusez, one speaks of real pockets. Pockets professional. The national Association of pockets was founded that the pockets are finally regulated. Adjusted to the big leagues of american cornhole, the game pockets official in the United States.

The PNA-Québec does not play with your small pockets.

“We use pockets official 420 grams. The tradition wants that these pockets may be filled with grains of corn or peas or dried. But when they are forgotten in the rain, the pockets swell ! And when one arranges them in a cellar or a garage, the mice come and eat them “, explains Marc Lajoie, the commissioner of the pockets. Without laughing.

We found a supplier of pellets of plastic on the South Shore and it is these pockets that are now ” official “. With a rough side suede and one side smooth cotton.

“According to that, the strategy requires gently or braking,” explains the commissioner.

A huge gag

You’ve already figured out that Benedict Desautels, the founder and chairman of the board of directors of the ANP, was rather tongue-in-cheek when he started the adventure with Lajoie. The problem is that their games pockets were very popular. It was necessary to solidify the whole and respond to the request.

Today, Desautels launched a small company to manufacture the games of pockets, which are sold in the Sports Experts of the North Shore and the Laurentians. More than 150 gaming tables and pockets were sold last year.

“At the beginning, we took it to quite the joke. We, we played in the past 20 years to the pockets. But it was necessary to create an NPO, and establish an association responsible. Our pockets have nothing to do with the games pockets of the campground. There is only a hole to aim, and the pockets are bigger, ” said Gary Bettman pockets.

In fact, it is like the Quebecois who have moved from small to big pin bowling. Have gone from small to big pockets. To be able to measure up to the rest of the world.

“It is too early yet, and this pandemic will slow down our expansion. But a few years, when we have founded a national league of pockets, we will be able to compete in a series of century to the Americans. On their own field of cornhole, ” said the commissioner visionary.

Samuel Girard : passionate

The PNA already has its figurehead. Samuel Girard, of the Colorado Avalanche, is a passionate lover of the pockets. It even has a professional game in his basement in Colorado. But the commissioner does not have his phone number.

In fact, the commissioner Marc Lajoie has a clear vision of the needs of the pockets of Quebec.

“We lack a sir and a madam Buies as to the mini-putt to the tv. “

He was right, I guess, Stéphane Langdeau describe how Ms. Buies caress his pocket the soft side, it aims for the hole-in-one eye conqueror…


In case you would ignore, RDS has its specialist pockets. The journalist Michel Laprise has already prepared several reports on the pockets. You will find on the website of RDS. But no-one has ever seen on screen.

The sport was not yet credible. But don’t let go Laprise, v’là of using the pockets. A full-page. The consecration of the pockets.

IN THE NOTEBOOK | The website of the NPA is unfortunately under reconstruction.

Paulin Bordeleau : a true

Last Saturday, Mario Roberge has long shared her vision and her perception of situations which led them outside of hockey. It was his perception, with all that subjectivity can lead to margin of error. Sunday, I was impressed by a comment on Facebook submitted by Paulin Bordeleau, the coach at the heart of events. Let’s say, the shutter of the déboulée.

“All that said Mario is exactly what happened. In my case also. I was someone else as coach.

“However, I realized in time that it was me the problem and Mario you has confirmed the following. This was a very difficult year for the team and myself ended with a defeat in the final. This was a very nice course and a good lesson for me as a person and as a coach.

“I owe a lot to Mario and even more to Serge Savard. These are two men of great candour and loyalty “, he wrote.

It is a very beautiful testimony of Paulin Bordeleau. He had acted with nobility and humility at the time, he has kept those qualities. Elsewhere, Jacques Demers, he was hired by Tampa Bay as an assistant a few years later when he had the control of the team ? Paulin Bordeleau.

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