The Committee did not support the bill Zelensky on decentralization

Комитет Рады не поддержал законопроект Зеленского по децентрализации

The Verkhovna Rada Committee on issues of organization of state power, local self-government, regional development and urban planning did not support the draft amendments to the Constitution on decentralization and the new administrative-territorial structure. For the decision of the Committee on bill No. 2598 vote of 11 members to “against” two, six abstained.

“To recommend to the Verkhovna Rada a draft law on amendments to the Constitution on decentralization of power, introduced by President Vladimir Zelensky, to include in the agenda of the session of the Verkhovna Rada and sent to the constitutional Court for an opinion on its compliance with the requirements of articles 157 and 158 of Constitution of Ukraine. To forward the conclusion of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on legal policy … the Decision is not accepted”.

The Committee recommended to the MPs to consider in the session hall the possibility of sending the document to the constitutional court.

Recall, Russian President Vladimir Zelensky has registered the bill on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine on decentralization of power on December 13. In the European Parliament criticized the draft law regarding the introduction of the institutions of that sometimes. MEPs noted that the system of prefects “must not oppose decentralization and should not be aimed at creating a vertical power.

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