The committees of good-neighbourliness will be open to the public

The work of the committees of good neighbourliness, labelled “trading places” privileged around the Network structure of transportation of Québec, will be launched next week. These meetings are open to the public.

Four public meetings will take place in February (18, 20, 24 and 27 of the month) in the four sectors (Laurier–René-Lévesque West, Limoilou–Charlesbourg, parliament Hill–centre of the city and Sainte-Foy West) directly affected by the passage of the tram.

Each committee will be composed of 10 to 20 members, one representative of the project office, a dozen members from the community and three to six members partners (elected municipal officials and a representative of the consortium when it will be chosen).

Periods of issues

The exact list of members will only be disclosed at the beginning of each meeting of this month.

“The annual number of meetings will be dictated by the progress of the project and specific needs,” says one.

According to what The Newspaper has learned, a meeting type will last on average two and a half hours.

An update of 30 minutes will be made at the beginning of each meeting by the head of the project office.

It will be in the ” work completed, in progress and to come “, we read.

A first question period of 15 minutes will be reserved for members of the committee.

“A specific theme” will then be addressed and discussed. The public will thereafter have 60 minutes to ask questions.

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