The committees of parents want a “guide” for the reopening of schools

QUEBEC | The reopening of schools must be accompanied by a wide information campaign on the measures taken to limit the spread of the COVID-19 prevent the committees of parents, who ask to Quebec a guide to the image of the one on self-care was already sent to the population.

“How it’s going to work for school transportation, for day care services? In the classes, how will they be repurposed? Is it that all the children will be able to return to school? […]”, asked Thursday, the president of the Fédération des comités de parents du Québec (FCPQ), Kevin Roy, in an interview.

Few answers have been provided by the government up here, ” he said.

On Wednesday, the prime minister, François Legault, announced that his government would present next week a plan to reopen schools. It has, however, clarified that the parents would not be forced to send their children for the time being.

According to Lisa Roy, the government should be as informed as possible parents on the different avenues being considered for the return to classes. A guide to “back to school” sent to the parents in the image of the one sent by Quebec to all households in April on self-care may be an option, he believes.

“It is necessary that it remains fair. […] Those who will make the choice to keep their children at home […] is what they are going to be penalized? Is it that they will still continue to be able to do learning at home,” said Kevin Roy.

The various committees of parents of the province still remain divided as to the reopening of schools, he reports also.

“It is very variable. […] Some can’t wait for it to reopen, because in their areas there are few cases. There is as much reality as families,” he summarized.

The FCPQ represents the parents ‘ committee of 60 school boards in Quebec, the large majority of the French school boards.

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