The company “Insurance investments” from Bashkortostan has lost the licence of the Central Bank

Компания «Страховые инвестиции» из Башкортостана лишилась лицензии ЦБ

The Bank of Russia revoked the license of the LLC “Insurance investments” (Bashkortostan), reported on the website of the regulator.

The decision was taken in connection with the withdrawal of the company under the licenses activities. She worked on voluntary property and personal insurance, both the license revoked. The insurer took the 265-e a place on volume of receipts in Russia.

On 6 June, the Central Bank announced the revocation of licenses of financial institutions “Prime Finance” from St. Petersburg and “Interaction” Novosibirsk, according to “Moscow 24”. First in terms of assets held 361-th place in the Russian banking system, and the second – 444-E. Bank “Interaction” did not timely fulfill obligations to creditors and depositors, and to overstate the value of the property. “Prime Finance” has completely lost its own funds due to the lack of 268 million roubles.