The company’s Vigneault Chocolatier is expanding

La compagnie Vigneault Chocolatier prend de l’expansion

Vigneault Chocolatier wants to take the expansion, in particular, to attack the american market. The company moved its home from Quebec city to Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures in a factory that will be “on the cutting edge of technology “with” new lines of production “.

In recent days, the mayor of Saint-Augustin, Sylvain Juneau, confirmed at a meeting municipal the arrival of this company in its territory. The entire project is expected to be unveiled in August.

According to public documents, the bill of the construction site of Vigneault Chocolatier to exceed$ 5.4 Million. Of this amount,$ 1 Million is granted in the form of loans and grants through various programs of the City of Quebec. National Bank of Canada provides, on a loan of$ 3 Million. The MAPAQ injects 300 000 $ in the form of grants.

Production enhanced

With this move, the company has seen the light of day in 2006, tripling its area and improve its production. The company would like to develop new chocolate products for health and environmentally friendly.

The investment will be used to buy automated lines for manufacturing and packaging. Amounts will also be disbursed for the purchase of equipment for automation. This project, which must be completed prior to October 2022, will lead to the creation of 25 jobs.

Announcement scheduled for 20 August

Until the spring of 2020, Vigneault Chocolatier, whose organic products are marketed under the brand name Theobroma Chocolate across Canada, was located in 1990 rue Cyrille-Duquet, Quebec city. Today, the employees at 140, rue de Rotterdam.

Contacted by The Journal, the co-owner of the company Jean-René Lemire has preferred to limit his remarks, noting that an announcement is scheduled for 20 August. It has, however, stated that, as a whole, the project will exceed$5.4 Million.

“The investments we make are going to be the carriers of new ideas for a world of deliciously best,” replied the business man. He shared the management with his wife, Josée Vigneault.

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