The confinement gives a respite to the roads this spring

Le confinement donne un répit aux routes ce printemps

Marc-André Gagnon

The roads have a respite, this spring, with the significant drop in traffic due to the containment ; the cities are seeing a reduction in the number of potholes.

In Quebec city and Lévis, the number of potholes is less, this spring, and the marked decline in the number of vehicles on the roads may well have helped to mitigate the damage that the paved surfaces are usually the return of the beautiful days.

In the City of Quebec, the spokesperson Wendy Witthom has indicated that there has been a decline in the number of potholes compared to last year.

At the present time, the time of repair of the potholes in Quebec is three business days.

Less reports

“Since the march 16, there was a decrease in the number of reports made by citizens and the number of potholes repaired. From 16 march to 10 April 2020, on account 850 reports and 3240 potholes repaired. For the same period in 2019, we had 917 reports and 3888 repairs. “

The citizens can at any time to report a broken pavement to service 311.

In Lévis, the same situation seems to occur. “This year, the number of reports of the population is two times less than last year,” said the spokesperson Nicole Rodrigue.

In fact, last year, the municipality had received 1265 reports, against 551 up to now, in 2020.

Ms. Rodrigue confirms that the considerable reduction of weight of the traffic probably has an effect on this improvement.

It also emphasized ” the substantial increase in investment in the City in recent years in the repair of streets, curbs and sidewalks “.

Fewer trucks on the roads

On the side of the ministry of Transport, we observed that there was less traffic and that the number of trucks has declined between 25% and 50% depending on locations.

“If this situation continues over a longer period, it could be that there is an impact on the number of potholes to be repaired “, has submitted the spokesperson Emily Lord, who adds that, for the moment, ” there is no significant difference in the operations of the MTQ “.

Essential Service

Everywhere in the cities of the urban agglomeration of Québec, Lévis and the Ministry, the repair of potholes is regarded as an essential service. The clogging continues as usual.

In Quebec city, ” the teams assigned to the repair of the potholes are repaired first, the potholes are dangerous and those reported by the citizens. They then continue their working day by browsing the areas most vulnerable to potholes on the road network and repair those crusaders on their way, ” informs Ms. Whittom.

Still the unknown for the start of the road works

The fate of several roadwork is still pending, over a month after the beginning of containment, while it is not known what will be the accumulated delays.

In Quebec City, mayor Régis Labeaume has admitted this week that” we don’t know what will happen yet.”

It was also agreed that the City could not, even if it wanted to, start the building immediately.

Contractors and sub-contractors are not aware of the guidelines of the public health and are not open to, for the most part. “The businesses are closed. “

When the recovery will be there, it will also need to expect some delays, he explained, the time of restarting the machine.

Major projects

Across the city, the major projects were planned and were due to start this spring.

One has only to think of phase two of the development of the route to the Church and to the widening of the boulevard Hochelaga, Sainte-Foy.

We also had to go ahead with the refurbishment of the avenue Cartier avenue and Maguire.

“For the time being, the work, it’s a bit complicated “, has dropped out of the mayor.

“[For] the supplies, we work hard. For the planning of the work, at the time when we speak, we are waiting a little bit to talk about it because as long as there is no guidelines of the government, we can’t start the work. “

“Different scenarios “

The ministry of Transport, we are working on the issue, but it is not able to provide details on the re-openings coming from large projects, like the widening of highway Henri-IV.

“As soon as it has permission, the Department will move forward with the road works, while respecting the guidelines health issued by public health. For the moment, the Department continues to work on various scenarios of resumption of work. It is also too early to assess the impact of the pause decreed by the Québec government on the roadwork, ” said the spokesman for the Ministry, Emilie Lord.

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