The conflict Videotron, Bell starts all over again

Le conflit Vidéotron-Bell reprend de plus belle

Hostilities will recommence more beautiful in front of the CRTC between Videotron and its rival, BCE, the subsidiary of Quebecor alleging that Bell him “put a spoke in the wheel” with its anti-competitive practices.

Quebecor requested that the Council of radio-television and telecommunications commission (CRTC) to intervene “to cease their anti-competitive practices against Videotron” in terms of access to support structures of Bell Quebec.

These structures — essentially the poles and wires of telephone and telecommunications services — are majority owned by Bell and Hydro-Québec. To avoid the multiplication of the infrastructure of the genre, the act provides that these facilities must be shared, at a reasonable cost.

However, according to the documents submitted to the CRTC, Bell fails or refuses to permit the use in the manner provided by the rules in force.

“Bell invokes constraints and deadlines related to the application of construction standards. However, Bell’s apply these rules unreasonable, and discriminatory, and imposes certain Videotron without the respect itself “, for example during the installation of its fiber-optic network, supports Videotron.

Give him access

Specifically, Quebecor, which publishes The Journal de Montréal, asking the CRTC to issue an order requiring Bell to be repaired, within five days, the abnormalities of its network and to give access to a variety of structures.

“For too long, Bell is doing everything to put a spoke in the wheels of its competitors. It is high time that these anti-competitive practices cease, and that Videotron can finally deploy and maintain its network without having to cope with the tactics of the Bell to restrict and slow down the access to its support structures, ” said a spokesman for Videotron, in an e-mail.

In addition, Quebecor has decided not to appeal the CRTC’s decision to approve the sale of V-to-Bell. In a missive dated 23 June, the company maintains that it will not proceed with its intention to appeal the decision. The sale of V tv Bell was approved in mid-may by the CRTC. The transaction is valued at $31 million.

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