The conquest of 1993, the Canadian: a question of chemistry

La conquête de 1993 du Canadien: une question de chimie

One of the highlights of the highlights of the great career of Eric Desjardins is without any doubt occurred in June 1993, during a match number two of the final series of the Stanley cup between the Canadian to the Los Angeles Kings.

The defender of the CH had, during that game, scored three goals of his own, including the victory in overtime, in a payout of 3 to 2 of the montreal club.

It would also be recalled that his second net, which was tied 2-2, had been inscribed in a sequence now famous. At the end of the game, Marty McSorley had been thrown out because of a stick found to be illegal by the official.

Is Guy Carbonneau, who had put the chip in the ear of his coach, Jacques Demers, telling him suspect that the piece of equipment did not meet the established standards.

About 27 years later, Desjardins, in a way quite logical, remembers every minute of this second confrontation.

But he also remembers very well the fifth, which proved to be the one where the CH had finally raised the 24th Stanley cup in its history. The network, TVA Sports presents to you this historical moment on this Saturday evening, from 19h.

In the interview on the television show Salut, Bonjour!, the former defender has generously agreed to share his best memories surrounding this famous battle ultimate.

“He absolutely had to finish the series that night”, was first launched Desjardins.

“We didn’t want to return to Los Angeles for a sixth game. We knew that this could be complicated. It was ultimately able to prevail, as all the world knows. The feeling of being able to lift the trophy-here in Montreal, so we were a large group of Quebecers on the team, it was really amazing.”

A single group

In attempting to explain the reasons for this triumph, Éric Desjardins gives a lot of credit to the sense of unity that prevailed within this group of 1993. For him, this is really what has made the difference.

“We had a perfect mix. The veterans were on point and the young players played with a lot of passion. Having several Quebec, and many English speakers in the team has also been good for the chemistry.”

If the conquest of 1993 has been carried out with aplomb by the Habs, he has nevertheless surprised many.

“We had difficulties throughout the season. We finished the schedule on a bad note. But all that changed in the playoffs. He had to believe in it until the end.”

Unforgettable memories

Eric Desjardins admits it : the moments he experienced with the Canadiens in 1993 will be forever inked in his memory.

“To win the Stanley cup, it is the dream of all hockey players. The atmosphere there was at the time of our conquest, particularly during the seven or eight minutes, it was crazy. We had made a good advance and everyone knew we were going to lift the cup. So it was difficult to keep our concentration.

“When you see the last few seconds elapse, it really is an amazing feeling. You find yourself at the top of your sport. Having the chance to live it with all my team mates of the time, my family and my friends, it was really special.”

Is there hope?

The Stanley cup in 1993 is, therefore, the final won by the Canadians.

When asked whether he was confident to see the CH triumph again soon, Desjardins has offered this response.

“We all hope! It doesn’t always take big changes to begin a path to the Stanley cup. Canadians have good elements in place, good leaders. Everything is possible in the NHL today.”

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