The conservatives remain the leaders in the early elections in Britain and claim to be the most

Консерваторы остаются лидерами на досрочных выборах в Британии и претендуют на большинство

The British Conservative party, according to opinion polls, is a potential future leader of early elections. As reported by the European truth, according to research by Ipsos MORI, the conservatives six days before the vote ahead of its main competitors — the labour party 12%.

For the party Boris Johnson ready to give their votes to 44% of voters, while their opponent to 32%. However, over the past two weeks the rating of labour rose four points, and is likely to increase before election day. However, the advantage of the conservatives today can be used to create a majority in Parliament. According to sociologists from the company YouGov conservative party can get the 359 seats out of 650 in the delicate house of Parliament, which is a better result for the conservatives in previous elections in 2017. Then they got 317 seats. If the prediction will be forgotten and pollsters YouGov accurately predicted the results of the British elections in 2017, so their conclusions are credible, it will be the best result for the party after the victory of Margaret Thatcher in 1987.

In third place are the Liberal Democrats with 13% who have lost three point rating. The Scottish national party 5% support Green — 3%, and the party “Brexit” — 2%.

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