The construction boom in Chisinau and erect, and sell more homes.

Строительный бум: в Кишиневе возводят и продают все больше жилья.

A construction boom. In the capital of Moldova erect, and sell more homes. This year, the figures increased by 12.5%. Many people come to Chisinau from the neighboring settlements. The correspondent of “MIR 24” Kseniya Janeeva will tell you which areas are the most popular among buyers.

Instead of the noisy streets of green Park and the beautiful view from the window. Into a new apartment Daria with her husband and daughter moved two years ago. First determine the area. Chose away from the center.

“Here the infrastructure for families with small children very suitable. There are kindergartens, schools of pharmacy, the doctor is there, the shops – everything you need is there!” – said the resident of Chisinau Daria Anton.

Of the tangible advantages – modern layout, spacious bedrooms and a bathroom. Independent heating allows you to save money in the accounts of almost two times. For those who like Daria, tired of the bustle of the city, the developers offer an alternative.

“There is such a trend, people are looking for a quiet area with blocks of no more than seven floors. The complex will in the near future – a six-storey building with developed infrastructure, modern playgrounds and parks, transport junction. Why six? It is a cross between skyscrapers and buildings. And prices for such housing is very affordable,” said sales Manager nick Grumeza.

There are options for fans of skyscrapers. Most often it is large systems that are located close to the center. The cost per square meter here is higher by about a third – 650-850 euros. Cheaper second homes. This is one of the reasons why apartments of the Soviet period are still in demand.

“If you look at the categories, then Khrushchev last 3-4 years fall to the level of 4-5% per year. If we talk about old layouts 80-90 years, then drop 2-3% per year. A new building actually stands on the spot”, – said the expert in the field of real estate Alexander Ostafijchuk.

Choice apartment in a typical Soviet high-rise building buyers argue and reliability. Many believe these houses earthquake resistant.

To buy an apartment in the building, young families increasingly take out loans. This year in the operation have passed already 1,200 apartments.