The construction industry wishes to a quick recovery

L’industrie de la construction souhaite une reprise rapide

The bosses of the construction industry are today launching a promotion campaign with logo to show your credentials in the field of health in order to resume their activities more quickly, learned The Newspaper.

“This is not just a logo, it is a specification, launched the Journal with the CEO of the Corporation des entrepreneurs généraux du Québec (CEGQ), Eric Side. We will negotiate with the contractors to adapt the pace of work. “

Yesterday, during his press briefing, the prime minister François Legault has said that the construction projects will be ” among the first locations that will be re-opened “.

“Considering a possible return to normal in the month of may, subject to the condition that Quebecers remain disciplined during the month of April,” said François Legault, recalling the instructions of public health.

These words of the prime minister have brought hope to the patrons of the construction industry, that are multiplying their efforts to return to work.

Of the cost

“We hope to open the building essential in the housing sector, because housing is an essential service as important as food “, shared the spokesperson of the Association de la construction du Québec (ACQ) Guillaume Houle.

“We are to agree on the conditions to be put in place on construction sites to comply with the health standards dictated by the “public health,” said the spokesman of the Association of professional construction and housing of Quebec (APCHQ) François Bernier.

But be careful, warns Eric Side of the CEGQ, the principal public must expect to pay part of the bill of costs of sanitary measures.

“These books are going to cost more to build into a pandemic “, he insisted.

In addition, The Newspaper has found that over the past few weeks, the construction companies are not the only ones to want to resume their activities in early may.

Race waivers

Companies, across all sectors, are active in this moment behind the scenes to be recognized as businesses of essential services in Quebec.

Yesterday, the ministry of Economy and Innovation (MEI) has shown to have received and responded to over 13,000 requests for information on this topic.

In most cases, these have been processed on the same day, assured the ministry to the Newspaper.

“Those who make the request to the government and who show that they serve clients considered to be essential (evidence to support) are able to obtain permission to continue their activities that are related to these key customers “, said the CEO of Sous-Traitance Industrielle Québec (STIQ), Richard Blanchet.

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