The construction is not that bad

La construction ne va pas si mal

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The prime minister François Legault defended Thursday his bill 61, which seeks to revive the economy by accelerating the construction of 202 infrastructure projects. You should check this out for more information about construction and renovation.

“[…] It was the intention, even before the crisis, before the pandemic, to introduce a bill to reduce the processing time. In addition to these delays which are, in our view, unacceptable, the fact that we currently have for construction workers who are at home because of the crisis, ” he argued in the Room.


La construction ne va pas si mal

They are really not all construction workers who are at home because of the crisis. In fact, the vast majority of them are now back at work.

Residential construction has resumed on the 20th of April, for almost two months, and all other construction activities have begun on the 11th of may, there was more than a month.

According to Statistics Canada, there were in may 229 300 jobs in construction in Quebec, or 10.5 % less jobs compared to the same period last year. These figures could recover even more in June since the data reflect the job market during the week of 10 to 16 may, while some of the sites were still closed.

Statistics Canada reports that the construction industry was the sector with the increase in jobs most marked in may in the province.

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