The construction of a Tesla factory being impeded by ants

La construction d’une usine Tesla freinée par des fourmis

Berlin | electric cars from Tesla hindered by ants? The manufacturer, which should open a factory near Berlin in 2021, has started on Thursday clearing the site, but must save the wildlife.

The american giant is now in a race against the clock, because its obligations to preserve local species in danger, including ants, birds and bats in hibernation, may take a long time.

Tesla had received last month the green light for the construction of its first factory on the european soil located in Grünheide, in the region of Brandenburg, bordering Berlin.

But, according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the automobile manufacturer must now unearth many colonies of ants with the help of “excavators and small excavators” to relocate them further.

Tesla has also promised to hang up 400 nesting boxes in the region because deforestation will deprive a number of birds and their nests.

The birds will return to nest in the trees in the month of march, and the bats are ready to come out of their hibernation and start to mate at about the same time, precise on its side, the Tagesspiegel.

German Union for the conservation of nature and biodiversity conservation (NABU) has warned that it would not be easy to move the bats in particular.

“To minimize disturbance to the bats, it will be necessary to move them during hibernation,” said last month Christiane Schroeder, director of the branch brandebourgeoise of the NABU, in the daily Berliner Zeitung.

Brandenburg expects much from the arrival of Tesla, which has promised thousands of quality jobs, while receiving in return benefits in kind such as public subsidies or even a real estate price lower than the market.

The protection of the environment is not the only obstacle that Tesla must make in the face of Grünheide. Last month, the authorities have defused seven bombs of the Second world War, which have been discovered on the site of the future plant.

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